Transmits Electricity Without Wires

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As has been explained in previous scientific articles, capturing electrical energy from the environment is empty (Radio frequency). If electricity can be produced from empty environment, means the air medium capable of transferring power from the transmitter (BTS, GSM tower, etc.) to the receiver (radio frequency harvester). Without cables. And the thing we have to prove it, we were able to transfer the power emitted by the handy talky to tool we make, which we give the name SMAGER (Smart Gadget Charger). The power emitted by the handy talky is of 5 watts.

Configuration (Arrangement) Equipment For Transmitting Electricity WirelesslyJPEGThe picture beside is the configuration of our equipment, consisting of:
1. The handy Talky as the transmitter (transmitter), this is the tool of electricity are generated and transmitted into the air (handy talky in the photo above is not visible)
2. Radio frequency harvester, consisting of antenna, matching circuit (series pencocok), rectifier, voltage and multiplier. Because of the relatively large transferred power (5 watts) then without any antenna circuit that we made can capture power.
3. Multimeter to find out the value of voltage and current that are able to be accepted

Here's a demo of the configuration we had bunk

It can be seen both in pictures and on video, the voltage that can be accepted by the tools we've created reaches 20 Ampere, even reaching 39 volts. If 20 A, it is equivalent to the order of 18 rock AAA batteries (Batteries are usually used). But there are constraints, the current generated is very small i.e. in the order of mili ampere. From the test results, the efficiency of the SMAGER can reach 78.75%. To get such articles before, Capturing electrical energy from the environment is empty (Radio frequency). Our trouble in getting the electrical components which are not sold in Indonesia.

While in the country, next to Singapore, the tools we've created, ready to be marketed. Check out the video below,

How very interesting isn't it? Simply by entering our hp to bag that has been provided, then it is his own, without mengecas connected via cable. Research on this topic is currently booming and growing. A few more years do not be surprised if Nicola Tesla's dream can be realized, that is, we can transmit electricity without wires at all!
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Corrected 13 November 2017


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