Prof. Reiko Kuroda-why the shell Snail Spun to the right?

Prof. Reiko Kuroda

Prof. Reiko Kuroda-Unesco-L'oreal award-winning Award for Women in Science year 2013

This week we are inspiring scientists is Prof. Reiko Kuroda of Tokyo University of Science. Prof. Reiko Kuroda researching about the direction of playback commonly known as chirality of chemical substances, be it in the molecular scale to the scale of the meter. How molecular mechanisms determining the chirality of an organism can be found e.g. on the shell of a snail.

Snail shell as an example of Chirality

Snail shell as an example of Chirality Center (note the seashell in the Middle, then the pattern rotates to the right.

Prof. Reiko Kuroda awarded L'oreal Unesco Women in Science Award year 2013 from Regional Asia Pacific for their hard work.

Want to know more about Prof. Reiko Kuroda? Visit his website here

Check out the video profile of Prof. Reiko Kuroda here (Courtesy of

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