Aveus Har-Talented Novelist who made their living as chicken noodle Seller

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Aveus Har-Talented Novelist who made their living as chicken noodle Seller

  1. "I Honestly"
  2. "Flawless Hope"
  3. "Latitude"
  4. "Prince Of Heaven"
  5. "Asibuka! Secret Spell "
  6. "Yuk to write Diary, poetry, and Fiction"
  7. "Sorry That I Love You"
  8. "Love Roller Coaster"
  9. "The basis of Literary Pastiche: teenagers and Student Government. Pekalongan "

9 Book consisting of novels and a collection of short stories essay Aveus Har

Written by Abdallah Nur Siddiq-many of us are often argued did not have time to write. From now on we should learn from Aveus Har. Daily routines that are far from the world of books and writing, not being a reason for him to not try to concoct and manipulate words into a story in the book. Her writing is a passion, an obsession, a passion, a dream that they all coalesce into a delicious and nutritious dishes for bliss of the self. Happiness want to distribute to readers through his works. Aveus Har in his profession as a seller of chicken noodle, but being able to publish 9 books and wrote hundreds of short stories published in many print media. Even the novel's Flawless Hope "has become a champion in the Popular novel writing contest Landscape.

The book entitled I honestly bouquet Aveus Har

The novel is titled "I honestly" by Aveus Har

Nobody guessed in advance if the figure of 37-year-old man who daily serve the buyers of health noodle is a novelist. He is also known as mas Harso pen name Aveus Har. MAS Harso so call companion selling chicken noodle in pingging road, Wiradesa, Pekalongan Patimura with a size of about 4 x 4.  In the corner of the room, Harso Mas, seen sitting menekuri your phone, type something into the small screen. Probably, almost all people will not suspect at all that while waiting for customers, he actually was writing his latest novel.

Not expensive, enough with the Rp. 7,500 for a bowl of noodles chicken and a glass of hot tea, perhaps you will gain the knowledge and the motivation of writing which is not inferior to that you would get paid writing seminars and workshops are expensive.

Here's a video about a Har Aveus covered by Metro TV

And this video about Aveus Har talkshow in black and white



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