The splendor of the Car Manufacturer did not qualify the emissions Test (Tesla Motors)

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Photo electric car called the violoncello made by Ricky and tim Elson

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While electric cars in Indonesia has experienced (read: conflict), an existing electric car company in America called Tesla Motors experienced a variety of outstanding achievement. Total owned assets reached 2,417 million or equivalent to 24.17 trillion rupiah or 24.17 Trillion Rupiah rate 1 dollar valued at 10,000 rupiah. In addition in terms of wealth, accomplishment more remarkable is the Tesla Motors was crowned as the Smartest first-winning Company of the Year by the MIT Technology Review, beating industries technology giants such as Facebook, Apple even Microsoft! (read more). The Smartest Company based on innovation-technological innovations are created and a fantastic business model and ambitious. How can the Tesla Motors, a company producing cars that did not qualify test emissions, could be The Smartest Company of the Year? Here is a video about the process of making a car that did not qualify test emissions.

Electric cars be litigated in Indonesia because the author was accused of making electric cars are too expensive 2 billion for electric car so there is any indication of corruption, a total of 16 electric cars so that the budget used amounted to 32 billion. After seeing the above video 3, if you as a manufacturer of electric cars, what price You sign for any electric car? What is the 2 billion is too expensive?

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In comparison, the price of electric cars sold by Tesla Motors of 3 variants the most costly car of 57,500 us dollars or equivalent of 575 million dollars in 1 dollarnya is equivalent to 10,000 rupiah (check car prices tesla). But wait a minute, this time 1 dollar pierced the 13,000 rupiah, so the price should have been 747.5 million dollars, the price is the price when booking was done with waiting time 3 months, not including taxes, yet the cost of shipping from the USA to Indonesian.  When these variables are taken into account (the car is ready, taxes and shipping charges) then the price may reach 1.5 billion price! The price is the price of mass production, it can be imagined how should price in electric cars is produced in units (still in the form of prototypes), there has been no such automation Manufacturer Tesla Motors.

Prototype it like a newborn baby, need attention and need support to grow and develop in order to become a mass production of cars, in the history of the industry, there is no prototype vehicles sold and used for daily transportation, they became the archive and at museumkan. Moreover, the car was developed by the children of the nation i.e. Ricky Dasep Ahmadi and Elson who designed the car to be the "Zero".

Again, did 2 billion is too expensive for the price of an electric car? Made from 0, not mass production, and of a nation that is called from "use zone" to serve in the country. Aside from the price according to Kejagung too expensive, electric cars that were made did not qualify test emissions and harmful when used on public roads. Dangerous to use when used on public roads? Compare the two videos below:

Meanwhile, what about the emissions test did not qualify? It seems elementary school children who can read can find out the answer.


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