Cooking oil that can be Used Repeatedly up to 80 times

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Researchers Malaysia make an extra (additive) of cooking oil that caused cooking oil can be used Repeatedly up to 80 times

Professor Dr. Suhaila as researcher at the Institute of Bioscience of the University Putra Malaysia said that cooking oil additive AFDAL his findings with the composition of palm oil and plant oil were able to reduce absorption of the Rutaceae in food up to 85 percent and can reduce the risk of cholesterol and heart disease. The oil can even be used repeatedly up to 80 times.


Professor Dr. Suhaila

CF46W7 Common or Garden Rue, Ruta graveolens, Rutaceae. Aka Herb of Grace, Herbygrass, Meadow Rue, Ruda, Rue, Weinkraut.


The cause of the cooking oil additives was able to maintain the quality of the oil is an extract of the plant Rutaceaea. The Extract function as natural antioxidants that can prevent cooking oils from damage. In addition, AFDAL also caused cooking oil can be used to cook up to 80 times without disturbing the health pengkonsumsinya. Another advantage of additive cooking oil is rich in antioxidants, are antibacterial and antihistamines. Special antihistamines can improve the crispness, flavor, and quality of fried dishes.



Cooking oil additive AFDAL can be used for all types of cooking oil by adding 15 ml or one tablespoon to 150 ml or quarter of a bottle of mineral oil FRY.


The process of mixing the Ordinary cooking oil to AFDAL

Branding AFDAL is based on five things:Untitled

  1. Natural extracts that are antioxidant
  2. Trans fat and kolestrol
  3. Reduce the waste of oil
  4. Has health benefits
  5. Reduce the oil that is absorbed on the food so that food more lasting (not stale).

The research of AFDAL has started since 2008 and is currently in the process of a patent in several countries in the Americas, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Viet Nam, India, Japan, China and Malaysia.

AFDAL also has received many awards such as the gold medal at the 2012 Malaysia Award Bio and a silver medal at the exhibition researchers PECIPTA 2013, and a string of other awards.


Look at AFDAL Lazada

Currently Afhdal with voulme 380 ml oil has been sold at a price of 40 Lazada ringgit malaysia or rupiah equivalent to 135,000. Cooking oil has time expired 5 years.



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