Listen to the Chanting of the Koran 15 minutes a day Can Increase Memory up to 10%

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Listen to chanting the Koran for 15 minutes daily can scientifically proven to improve memory up to 10%


Research conducted by Hojjati and his team from the Department of Psychology University of Iran successfully demonstrated scientifically about the influence of listening to the chanting of the Koran and the increased memor[1]y. Experimental research on publish in the Sciencedirect, the proceedings conducted by the method of Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised (WISCR) to access the memory of a person. The method WISCR is done by dividing the memory capabilities based on two things, namely the ability given the numbers and the ability to remember the words. By researching female students in 32 elementary schools randomly chosen Iran, Al-Quran is proven to increase the child's memory by 10%. Rather the memory of the number rose 9.97% and memory against the words rose 9.69%.

Research procedure is done by dividing the 32 students into two groups. Group 1 is the group who listened to the chanting of the Koran when in the process of memorizing for 15 minutes and the Group 2 is a group that does not do anything on the process of memorizing for 15 minutes. Here is a video of very melodious chanting of the Koran.

The study validates the social phenomena in the community that the elderly (elderly man) who avidly read and listen to the Quran did not show symptoms of senile dementia. Related to this, the most important factor is the memory in the learning process, the existence of damage on memory function cause disorders such as senility and learning disabilities[2].


[1] Atefeh Hojjati, et al. 2013. Effectiveness of Quran Tune on memory in children. 4th World Conference on Psychology, Counselling and Guidance WCPCG-2013.

[2] Lerner, j. w. 2003. Learning disabilities: Theories, diagnosis, teac and hing strategies (9thed). Boston: MA: Houghton Mifflin

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