New Materials That Can Absorb Greenhouse Gas And Turning It Into Fuel

One of the greenhouse gas in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2: symbol) is the result of waste effluents from various industries. Greenhouse gases cause global warming because gas is like a greenhouse, can absorb the heat wave from the rays of the Sun but traps the heat wave from the earth so that the longer the Earth becoming increasingly hot.

Scientists continue to examine how to reduce the CO2 gas. Materials these findings is a catalyst that is, a substance that speeds up a chemical reaction. Researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory that examined to resolve this issue discover ingredient/catalyst that can capture CO2 and convert it into fuel.

Diagram of the structure of the cluster Cu4 on alumina and catalytic activity tests against the formation of CO2 and H2 of CH3OH. (Image Credits: Larry Curtiss/

These researchers name the catalyst as copper tetramer. Tetramer-tetramer is each formed of small parts of the four copper atoms, which are supported by a thin layer of aluminum okside. These ingredients act by way of binding CO2 molecules closely and encourage the reaction of molecular chemistry. This is because this material has a rich side binding in other words this material can bind CO2 is more powerful and can convert into methanol with more efficient.

The advantages of this material compared with other chemicals such as copper, zink oxide, aluminum oxide is the fourth atom of copper exposed so that each can bind. So, this catalyst can produce methanol with energy and lower pressure. While other material has a finite number of atoms to absorb because some side of pengikatnya has been assigned.

Copper material tetramer is very promising for developed and potentially to absorb CO2 on a large scale, but still need to be a lengthy process to be applied. Researchers still need to find how to make it stable, duration and can be produced in large scale. In research that has been done is still using a nanogram.

This tetramer copper catalyst's research has been published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.


This New Material Could Capture Greenhouse Gas And Turn It Into Fuel

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