Quantum conquerors from the East end of the island of Salt

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schrodinger equation and Heisenberg's inequality principle

Schrodinger Equation and Heisenberg's inequality principle (along with a photo of Heisenberg), two fundamental equations in quantum mechanics

"Bhuuk", a voice as thick as 336-page book has been dropped. The book was already worn, frayed at the edges, pocked-pocked, kertasnya already somewhat yellowish colored, cover any cover, not shapeless karuan. The book fell from the grip of a young man in the yard of the mosque Jami ' bicycle parking Sumenep. As if not willingly if it should be split with the shabby books, the youth wherever it took the book away, including while it is prayer. He thought that reading a book when you're finished Dhikr prayer will add to the ease of study. And the book was not intentionally drop, lovingly she cleans the surface of the book hit the ground with a slap of his hand and even wiped down with Holster. Now the books have been steadily put in the basket of mini bikes, he thought.

The book was so special for him, a book that he believes can be capital to tap into the "new world". Quantum world. While the term quantum so popular is used in the general public to make something seem waw and bestselling, the term is so hated by his friends sejurusan physics, pretty much allergic to the word "quantum". According to his friends, "quantum" who make their graduation was delayed, "quantum" was the one who made the reel not sleeping the night away for the sake of memorizing formulas all 1 line, "quantum" was the one who made the embarrassment because of the lecture in unison with the younger levels, and so on, so many terrible consequences because quantum so that it becomes natural that most physics students, quite allergic to the word quantum. Even his friend's ideals was born in the days of Mojopahit, to never get acquainted with quantum and don't need to learn it.

A book that was in the basket of his bike it is the book "Quantum Physics" by Stephen Gasiorowich. He is always amazed when reading page by page. Keterpukauannya very reasoned, because the current technology is the impact of what was she, is a non sense if talk of advanced technology and sophisticated without invoking quantum. The existence of cellphones, laptops, cars, planes, and all those who wear the chip is the direct impact of quantum. Either he had read keberapa times of the book, which is clearly her feeling always just find new things or new ideas when finished reading the book. Read 5 times means 5 idea, so is reading 10 times means 10 ideas. He forgot to have read the book several times, he recalled, his love is so great to quantum.

Her love had discovered the mouth of the Ant Man film, which became the estuary. His passion towards quantum became increasingly blazing after accidentally watching the movie in the public library of multimedia Sumenep. With the intention of watching film just to unwind and tired because a day did not find the book they want, Quantum Mechanics works Merzbacher, the young man felt so inspired by that film. The film tells the story of a professor who championed the quantum science and managed to turn the distance electrons to protons to be closer. As we know together that in the atom, 99.98% is a vacuum. In the film Ant Man, the professor was able to "condense" the atom so that objects the size of an adult human with a height of 170 cm can compress to 1.7 mm in size, the size of an Ant. He came home from the library with the spirit explodes-letup, the science must be realized, his mind churned.

A series of the above story happened in 17 years ago, currently in 2032, Indonesia has been the country's most advanced and the most prosperous. From Sabang to Merauke is not even able to found the House of disadvantaged children, all of them inadequate. No other is the contribution of youth in the East end of the island of salt. The island became the Central Research Center of Indonesia, the sentra-sentra research formerly located in Serpong, now moved to Madura. It's very grounded, very abundant limestone rocks in Madura, have been in quantum engineering are to have the properties of superconductors at room temperature. Insulation made NaCl, available with abundant there.

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The existence of the superconductor, there is no loss-power loss in the transmission of electricity by PLN. Electricity can be entered into the remote corners of the country without the need for substation built amplifier. The whole area in Indonesia get electricity. From listriklah the process of progress began, BTS was built, the internet is starting to come in, young men of the village no need heading to the city and abroad to study, with high-speed internet access, study at the ITS, in the UI, etc can be accessed easily. Pretty in front of the projector, the teacher gives direction for noticed, certainly the video on pause for a more detailed description is inserted. Even for youth who have been given lessons United Kingdom language and master it, can see the process of lecture at MIT through the Youtube channel MIT Course Ware.

A sequel of the youth who are repeat of quantum mechanics, sumenep may 20, 2016.

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