How to measure the distance of the Earth to the Moon (Lunar distance)?

Earth to the Moon is often depicted with short distance

In JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL class in chapter IX, the solar system, we are treated to the "free", that the average distance of Earth to the Moon (lunar distance) is 384,402 km. How to measure it and how far the distance was the reason we don't know (the term fisikawannya is "how make sense"). But to be a true scientists, behavior like this (low curiosity) should be slowly we change. That as a scientists, need to be developed an attitude not easily believe prior to prove it (the term is sceptical) and always will be a curious information, whether their validity as well as the method for obtaining the information. These properties are unfortunately less highlighted in school, so that a student must develop it on its own with a lot of reading. Iqra ', please read.

Including not easily believe the lunar distance with an average of 384,402 km, what if it is only a few thousand kilometers? Isn't the size of the Moon is much smaller than Earth? 

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