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 Mampukah money buy happiness? Or never heard the adage that money cannot buy happiness? The adage might need to be revised.


It turns out that happiness can be bought

If the money were not able to buy happiness, perhaps we don't spend the money correctly!

On the other hand, many think, especially the hedonist, that the more wealthy, the higher a person's salary will be increasingly happy. You are not alone, based on the survey results against 109 students obtained that they assume that spending money on yourself will make happy compared to donate to others. As well as getting more money to make more happy than by getting a smaller money, based on their assumptions.

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However, the research results of m. Norton shows different facts. They do the survey against 632 Americans about how great their income, how much they spend on personal needs and for donations towards others, towards the happy feeling of how high they are. The results of the analysis show that, no significant relationship between the magnitude of the earnings against the level of their happiness. Interestingly, their happiness level is thus closely relate

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Abdul Halim

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Abdul Halim
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