Elektrodialisis absorbers, Amazing Breakthroughs in the Processing of seawater Into Drinking Water Ready

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A team of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to find an efficient process based on shock wave (shockwave) to desalination of sea water. The new method is shown in the figure shows how a shock wave (shown by the red line) raised on sea water to flow through a porous medium (porous medium), with electric current at the electrodes worn (green) on the each channel. Shock wave pushes the salt ions to any one side of the stream, while the other flows of clean water, which can be easily separated by a channel that is divided into two. The MIT researchers say that a very innovative desalination methods can be useful for solving the most complex water treatment, namely cleaning up contaminated water from hydraulic or perekahan fraking process. Hydraulic Perekahan is the process of making oil wells on the Earth's surface that is covered by a rock with a solution perekah (very toxic) very high pressure.

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Due to the availability of clean water, particularly dimimun, which can be a very important thing in various regions of the world, researchers find new ways to process the salt water, brackish water, or contaminated water. The team from MIT offers innovative solutions that do not like the traditional and conventional desalination system i.e. separate the ion or molecule with filter/membrane causing the membranes become clogged, or boil water until water becomes steam and is separated from salt solutions which naturally consume large amounts of energy. 

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