PuTTY Toys is even able to detect steps spider

By: Abdul Halim, December 14, 2016

PuTTY toys made with core FRS is even capable of detecting movement sensitive though such as the movement of a spider. As we know, that the FRS is a carbon substance has the molecular structure such as thin layers that are stacked. Therefore, FRS has a flexible and powerful. In addition, one layer of FRS is able to conduct electricity efficiently.

Researchers create nano-composite polymer sheets FRS in the Silicon they call G-putty. The existence of the FRS will give the nature of electricity and the groom researchers will be able to measure the barriers or how difficult an electric current flowing in the conductor. They can also connect the G-putty to the computer and the other part can be taped to the skin or parts of vessels.

Pulse of the vessels is enough to give an electrical signal changes on G-putty then researchers can convert this data against human vital data such as how many blood pressure at rest. In fact, G-putty is able to detect the footsteps of spiders. In principle the G-putty acts as a pressure sensor. The extended, G-putty is 250 times more sensitive compared to the cheapest metal-based sensors that exist in the market. Researchers publish the results of his findings in the journal Science.


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