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Soon, the number of days in the year 2016 would menggenap so 366. Meet the new year's day, most product-evaluate capain in left. Afterwards, they made many tens even hundreds of live targets for the coming year. One of the expectations that often fall into the ' new years resolutions ' is the desire to get married to a still-air-status singles aka the single or single.

Written by Syaefudin * – every human experience some phases of life; of infants, children, adolescents, adults, and seniors and eventually died. Outside of that, there is a phase of life status of another life that is already reasonably well embedded in humans. The status of life of that question is the singles or married aka single or married.

The status is so important, particularly for adolescents and adults who are entering the age of marriage. They strive mightily to depart from single to married status status. Most of the people who are already married agree that marriage is more easing and bring sustenance. However, have we thinks the desire to know the scientific facts behind the status of singles and married? Is it true that married more blissful and beneficial, not just claims the owner status married?

In order to answer these questions, scientists are conducting a variety of research. They tried to find proof, do get married really make people healthier and happier? Some people, it may be considered that the status of the Bachelorette is more fun; while others believe that more easing is married. But how can two different status is traced from the sides in particular?

Strong Singles, But Married A Healthier


One of the most widely researched side of scientists is the link between the single status and health. Whether quality health care after marriage better than when alone?

The amount of research with the object of pure singles presumably still be countless fingers. From that a bit, most of the research reviewed the status of the single solitude and connection with ' freedom '. This freedom will affect one's mental attitude.

For example, research from an expert singles origin University of California Santa Barbara, Professor Bella DePaulo. He reviewed hundreds of scientific reports which compare between people who are single and those who are married. He concluded that a single more freely define themselves as compared to one who has been married. In addition, the singles also known more independent.

Researchers who have studied the lives of singles over the next two decades it was also revealed that a man living alone is not always synonymous with behavior alienated. Instead, they have more time to interact with parents, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers. Relationships with many of the people causing the singles did not feel lonely. In other words, the singles it's actually strong; their sturdy when facing problems and more free fill his life with activities that aim to develop themselves.

And then, what about those who are married and living with a partner? Several studies conclude that the quality of life and their health better than the singles. Curious?

Various studies indicate that being married would improve the quality of the heart. Studies conducted by New York University Lagone Medical Center shows that men and women are still single could hit by heart attack 5% higher compared to a married person.

In addition, the marriage also proved to be able to improve the mental health of a person. A professor of Sociology from Wake Forest University, Robin Simon, said that people who had married showed fewer symptoms of depression when compared with people who still singles. Not only that, being married can also suppress a person's behavior while lajangnya often drinking alcohol and using illegal drugs.

Some studies also report that people who have married and live harmoniously will have a longer lifespan. They have a reason why need to live – of course because they have family who loved. The wedding is also changing people's behavior becomes more attention with health themselves. Other studies have also concluded that the possibility of recovering on a married is much larger compared to a man his own. It is caused by the presence of a person (his partner) who gladly and painstaking willing take care of him.

Menikahlah, but good quality


Actually if we observe more in good health condition, a person pascamenikah is more due to the way of marriage. Households that are peaceful and loving being a key reason why the couple's lives better. Not only because of the interlocking ' remind ' regular meal, couples who marry are also able to redouble the spirit of the husband in making a living.

Moral support to social between spouses when one of them gets struck, making people who marry are more rigid and create a welcoming and optimistic life. The attention and affection of couples and families able to improve emotional and mind of people who are married. Medically, a tough mental attitude can affect on quality improvement of health, like blood pressure, heart, and other physical conditions.

"People who marry looks more healthy because marriage can improve health. However, it does not mean that every wedding is better than not yet (married). The quality of the actual pernikahanlah is very important ", said Liu Hui, a sociologist from Michigan State University.

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Therefore; married couples are good, carry out a wedding in a good way, as well as maintaining family harmony pascamenikah is the key to getting a row of staples of the benefits of marriage.

Affairs behind the Shari'ah


For a ready and meets the rules of marriage in Islam, it should be thought to be married. Sure, we got married not because imingan health benefits. More than that, in fact, marriage is part of the value of worship.

"And nikahkanlah the people who alone among you, and those people who are worthy (married) of the servants of the sahayamu men and women. If they are poor, Allah will make them capable of with his grace "(TQS. An-Nuur 24:32).

For those who have not been reunited soul mate by God, remain patient and continue to improve themselves is included. It is not important the status we still single or married in the next year. Maintain quality relationships, friendships, and still pay attention to the health of the self is the inevitability of earning a generous kindness of God.

*) The author is teaching staff in the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of mathematics and NATURAL SCIENCE, Bogor agricultural University.

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