What Facebook can see When someone is falling in love

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Written by Abdul Halim-Facebook might better understand our love life prospects compared to our own. Facebook data team of researchers announced that before a relationship begins, there is a statistical pattern that indicates a relationship will begin. During the last 100 days before the courtship started, it brings an increasing number of posting facebook status between two people who are going to be lovers in the future. This increase is slow but sure.

What-which-facebook-look-at the moment-somebody-fall-in love

Graph the number of postings in the timeline before and after courting

When two pairs of lovebirds were about to become lovers, Facebook data researcher Carlos Diuk wrote, two people enter stage PDKT during which the timeline of facebook posts increased. After the pair were officially dating, timeline of facebook postings both decline is possible because both of them are happy to spend time together.

During the 100 days before the formal courtship, there was an increase in the number of posts is slowly between the two lovebirds. When the relationship officially begins (day 0), the number of posts began to decline. The peak of postings occurred during 12 days before the relationship started, namely amounting to 1.67 posts per day and decreased to 1.53 posts per day after 85 days of official relationship as shown in the image above.

What-which-facebook-look-at the moment-somebody-fall-love-2

The level of happiness before and after dating

However, although the number of posts decreased after his official relationship, this type of post to be more happy that significantly increased at days 0 and 1. This feeling is far from perfect analysis reveals the research team. The robot is not too clever in analysing the satire.

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The research team took some steps to improve the quality of the data. To get rid of fake relationships on Facebook, the researcher simply to get data from couples who celebrate the anniversary relations between April 2010 and October 2013, not just those that change the status of the relationship. For analysis of feelings, their only focus to the user language, United Kingdom.

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