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Sexual hormone influences the character of a person, let alone when the woman being the coming months. When the times women will experience surges of emotion that fickle. Including women pregnant at the time, there was a lot of sexual hormone changes that will change the structure of the brain.

Researchers did MRI scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) against 25 women primipara (never contain which gave birth to the fetus reaches a weight of 500 grams or gestasional age 20 weeks), 20 women nullipara (had never given birth by age more than 28 weeks of pregnancy), 19 men who first became a father and 17 men without children.

The results showed that there is a gray area of constriction (gray matter) on a pregnant woman's brain. The area that is affected by this condition include anterior and posterior cortical midline and the specifics of bilateral lateral prefrontal and temporal cortex. Further research of the father reinforces that the physical changes of the brain is only influenced by biological factors (childbirth) and is not associated with the experience of parenting. The results of this research published in the journal Nature.



This structure changes occurred in areas that relate to the ability of the brain indicated that social bumil social pendewasaan experience and specialization during pregnancy. Researchers say that it is different from the rodent that occurs in the prey's ability increased, the response garang, and increased ability of spatial learning when it contains.

Humans need more capabilities than just looking for a meal to be raising and parenting. Changes in the structure of the brain while pregnant can be understood to provide the capabilities of a mother so sensitive to the needs of a baby and increases the emotional bond between mother and baby. Changes to this structure continues to persist even up to 2 years after delivery.

Further investigation showed that this brain structure changes occurs only during pregnancy and is not significantly affected by the environment. Else there is no significant changes after childbirth.

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Journal Literature:

  • Hoekzema, e. et. Al 2016, Nature Neuroscience., Pregnancy leads to long-lasting changes in human brain structure,


Abdul Halim

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Abdul Halim
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