The structure of the brain of people who Mastered more than 1 Language

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the language of the

Banggalah be the minimal Indonesia mastered two languages: bahasa Indonesia language and region.


Pliatsikas et. Al./pnas

Bilingual is a term for those who master more than one language, while the polyglot is a term for those who are able to master more than 5 languages. A lot of people a bilingual Indonesia due to master two or three languages, namely the regional languages, languages of Indonesia, and the United Kingdom. Unlike the United Kingdom or Japan that people only master one language.

Language skills are not only useful because it can understand a lot of information from a variety of languages. Results of the study revealed that those who mastered a few language skills have a different brain structure compared to only 1 language.

The brain consists of two parts namely the gray matter and white matter. Gray matter located in the outer layer of the brain that consists of cells of the brain while the white matter lies in the brain consisting of the network dedrit. Proverbial gray matter and white matter is the processor is kabel-kabelnya.

Research has proven that the density of the cerebral white matter part is higher in those who have been bilingual since childhood. Further research shows that not only those who are bilingual since childhood, but those who learn the language as adults and actively use it else experiencing changes in the white matter.

Parts of the white matter undergoing this change is one of the areas that process the semantics or meaning of the word. Scientists suspect the possibility that those who are bilingual having to continuously choose the Word does exactly that. Other parts of the white matter that is affected is the corpus collosum (CC). Scientists still haven't found the CC function, but they speculated that the CC is closely related to the effectiveness of communication between parts of the right brain and left brain. Scientists are still debating whether this structure changes increasing the intelligence of someone or not. Some research suggests the relationship with intelligence while another research give negative results. But beyond that learn more than one language will make us healthier and complex.

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