The Discovery Of A New Organ In Humans


Anatomy is the science that is dead because almost all parts of human organs has been found, but it does not apply to some scientists here.

Coffey & O'leary/The Lancet Gastroenterology Hepatology &

Is Diane Kelly, PhD a study how the structure of the network in different network structures with the penis on the organ, although both of these organs have the same working principles. The difference in the structure of the resulting difference in stiffness despite pressure that give the same. The structure of the penis chain gives higher rigidity compared with the structures on the worms with the same pressure.

In addition, recently scientists classify new organ called the mesentery. These findings are published in The journal Gastroenterology Hepatology & Lanset. Mesentery has been known almost a hundred years ago but not yet categorized as an organ of the body. During this mesentery known as structure fragments separated from the body so it is not considered important. However, recent research reveals that the mesentery is an aggregation of different organs. Medical anatomy book has been updated to accommodate the existence of this new organ.

Mesentery is the double folds of the stomach membrane lining the abdominal cavity – – binding of colon to the abdominal wall and lock it to keep it in place. The year 2012 the research team through the microscope test show that actually has a continuous structure of mesentery.

Although this classification does not change the structure of the organs of man, but the existance of a new categorization will provide new science in the field of medicine that can improve human health. This occurs because if his approach is an organ, so scientists can categorize some stomach ailments against this organ, how the role of these organs against disease. After giving the new name, then the researchers next will study what the function of the organ of this. After knowing its function, then they are able to identify this organ disorders and diseases thereof.

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