Logic gate based on optical quantum computer transistors as


The world of optics and fotonika have been developed with highly advanced. China's Peking University researchers managed to make components of optic (plasmonik) 600 nm-sized and require only 200 µW to be able to operate it, the remarkable achievement was published in the journal of nanophotonics August 2016. The optical components are made to function as a logic gate. For comparison, the diameter of a human hair, measuring 180,000 0.18 mm or nm.

Plasmonik structure that serves as a Scout of the optical wave on the research of ultrafine Xiaoyu 600 nm

As we know that logic gate is a basic/foundation in an information processing and decision making. Computers, calculators, and a variety of other advanced technology built berfondasikan logic gates. There are 7 Gates logic i.e. AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR as shown by the following image:

There are 7 types of logic gate as shown in the table above

During these logic gates are operated electronically via an electronic component called a transistor. The transistor-transistor arranged to amount to millions even billions. Core i7 processor made by Intel has a 1.16 billion transistors and any transistornya size 32 nm. The more transistors will be the better performance of the processor. The performance parameters of the processor is processing speed and wide frequency coverage used by signals in the transmission medium (bandwidth). The processor speed is indicated by a label GHz attached to the processor, for example, is the Intel core i7 processors have speed 2.50 GHz.

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Electronic components such as transistors cannot operate in the frequencies and bandwidth is very high, whereas the need for a computer that is operating on the frequency/very high speed is becoming increasingly necessary. The development of the use of electronic-based computer will stop when the channel/channel in the transistor is able to skip 1 electron. There are no more developments that could be made if it would have been the case.

Instead of optical-based component is very suitable to be operating at a very high frequency, the bandwidth is very wide, and does not cause heat.  Excellence is based on the phenomenon of quantum mechanics (superposition and entanglement) that can be experienced by the smallest particles of light, i.e. photons. The optical components can then be compiled into a computer that could be a candidate for a quantum computer. There are several other candidates to devise such a quantum computer semiconductor (Loss – DiVincenzo quantum computer), superconductors, single silicon atoms, crystals and diamonds.

When comparing the optical-based quantum computer with a normal computer, then the photons replace electrons and wave guide replace the cable/copper line on the PCB. As a comparison, if a regular computer work on the frequency Gigaherts, then an optical based computers can work on Terahertz frequencies. Therefore the research in the field of optics and fotonika vying for researching and finding the optical-based logic gates are very small in size, efficient electrical power, and has a very high bandwidth.

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