Will the Turtles become extinct in the next few years?


Turtles are animals that are in clumps Chelonioidea with 7 types of the remaining species. These animals have a shell to protect his body though one species (leatherbacks) do not have a strong shell. Different turtles with turtle is Habitat. Turtles are fully alive in the sea water and the only female turtles are occasionally in 1 year to the Mainland (Beach) to spawn. While the turtles live in fresh water, although it can live on land and in the water but spend more time on land rather than in freshwater.

Turtles are very sensitive to global warming considering the characteristics of its life cycle is affected by the temperature and the existence of a source of food, especially sea turtle had average growth is slow so it is very vulnerable to the threat of the surrounding environment.

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Turtles, source image: https://www.sciencenews.org

Memanasnya turtle nest temperature and increasingly declining sex ratio males being the biggest threat against the population of turtles. It is based on the research of Hays and his team published in the journal Proceedings of The Royal Society B, memanasnya turtle nests incubate turtle making more females than males dive (dive is a term for older turtles). Hays is the marine ecology researcher from Deakin University Warrnambool, Australia. Not only that, climate change makes at least 7 types of turtle species have embryos grow without having the original genes of the species. This occurs because it is not the share of sex ratio between males and females allows cross species. If this condition continues to happen, then the next few years will become extinct sea turtle and marine ecosystems may be disrupted.

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