Analysis Of The Genome: The Mystery Reveals The Development Of Modern Dog Breeds

By: Annisha Ika Shanty *

Ever heard the term "Cat person" and a "Dog person"? The term is used to refer to those who love one of the animals that are often used as pets. Cat person is a term for those who love cats, while the Dog person designation for those who love dogs.

We often see dogs with shape, size, nature or particular characteristics that make us able to recognize them so see it. For example, we often see large dogs, long feathered, golden brown, and is often used as a guard dog, by looking at the characteristics, dog lovers, can easily find out the dog breeds that are Golden Retriever. Actually how dog breeds can be formed? And is there a relationship between dog breeds with each other?

Research to answer questions was done by Parker et al. using dog 161 races. The study has just been published (March 2017) in the journal Cell Reports so that the still warm to discussed. That number is not yet half of the existing races which is around 400 races. However, this is the largest study in the history of the dog genome diversity analysis of race. Race as much as the 161 is divided into 23 clade (a group that has a common ancestor). In General, the results showed that a race in a clade can have genetic similarities at other clade. It shows the race turns out to have experienced a few times with other races of stem or made in the manufacture of other races. In other words, a mixed marriage may affect the development and formation of modern dog breeds that have a variety of properties. The years of man doing the mixing marriage dog breeds to help them through life, for example for hunting, berternak, and various other functions.

Diversity Of Dog Breeds.


Furthermore, the presence of migration or transition from one place to the new place also gives influence to the development of dog breeds. Many years ago a dog was taken by humans and occupy the place is new, thus providing opportunities for the occurrence of marriage between immigrants and race dog race native to the place. Finally, cause changes in both races.

Although not all questions concerning the origin of the existence of dog breeds can be missed, the research conducted has a very important role in identifying genetic diseases on dog races. Because of the mixing of the races can lead to the spread of a gene defect to a variety of different races. In addition, the analysis of the genome could also help identify the source of the mutations in the dog race.


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* Annisha Ika Shanty, S1 Biology University Of Indonesia. Fans of science and animal lovers


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