Three applications of the Laser that will change the world

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cher: Nur Abdillah Siddiq
Summary: Describes the application of a laser that will change the world  

“In science fiction lasers are cool, but in science fact they will blow your mind” (Jonathan Strickland)

Almost everyone knows what it is laser. In the life of society Indonesia, lasers are often used as children’s toys or as a pointer at the time of the presentation. Even today in the big cities, enough people that sell laser on the roadside[1]. The seller of the laser will turn on the laser and attracted the attention of the public to buy it, but not the least the rider who was troubled with laser beams that are harmful to the eyes[2].

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Hawkers of Laser on the roadside. Source:

But did you know that the laser has tremendous applications have a major impact for human life? An awful lot of laser application may not we realize, from the barcode, laser printing, optical fiber internet, CD DVD drive &, etc. This will be discussed in article 3 the application of the laser that will change the world. 

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