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A research suggests that many teenagers in the United States rather than conventional cigarettes electric cigarettes because they think it would be safe from dangerous substances. But did it?

One of the very dangerous substances from Electric Cigarettes is nicotine. Unlike normal cigarettes produce a nicotine from burning tobacco. Electric cigarettes use a liquid containing nicotine and of course much more addictive than natural (resulting from the combustion of tobacco). Vaping can harm the lungs due to exposure to inhaled vapors can be toxic. Vape on chemicals (Electric Cigarettes) can damage the lungs, causing inflamation (inflammation). The inflammation can decrease the ability of the lungs in working and lower resistance against bacterial and viral contamination.

The year 2016 Laura Crotty Alexander Vaping activity indicates that make the body harder to kill the bacteria. Alexander Crotty was a lung researcher at once scientist who worked in The Veterans Administration San Diego Healthcare System. Laura Crotty Staphycoccus aureus Bacteria examined (i.e., bacteria that cause lung wet).  In fact, these bacteria will die by human lung antibody without requiring medical assistance. From the results of his experiments, Crotty Alexander gives exposure to steam of Electric Cigarettes to these bacteria with the aim of creating bacterial reactions in accordance with what is in the body of an electric Cigarette. It turns out the steam makes the bacteria biofilm coating Staphlycoccus Aureus cover a much more powerful and difficult “destroyed” by the antibodies the body. Biofilm itself is a collection of microorganisms that cling to the surface of the bacteria, the presence of biofilm is one of its functions is as a defense against bacteria something considered “vandal” for him. With increasingly powerful layer of biofilm bacteria Staphlycoccus Aureus makes immune cells in the lungs have to work extra to be able to kill bacteria.

Crotty test bacteria that are already exposed to steam the Vape menyuntikannya into a mouse. As a result, the next day the number of bacteria on the rat jumped three-fold. Immune system of mice and humans are not much different make Crotty can be concluded that the bacteria would be the same reaction (multiply by the amount of three times) if it is in the human body.



Another study also studied the dangers of Smoking, electrical. They used Mice as well as animal experiments. From the results obtained from the study, rats exposed to steam electric cigarette for 2 weeks generates the content of nicotine in the blood that are comparable with those who habitually smoked.

Thomas Sussan originating from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health who became one of the team of researchers concluded that exposure to steam Electric Cigarettes can provide effects such as inflammation and a decrease in protein.

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The last research exposure comes from research Irina Petrache, University of Indianapolis to examine the cells of the lung that are cigarette smoke conventional and electric cigarette. The results of the study concluded that nicotine (ivaa source) still cause inflammation in lung tissue and reduces the performance of the lung tissue itself.

Not a coincidence that the Electric Cigarette contain nicotine, because smoking is made to forget the original cigarettes containing other pollutants such as tar. From a review of the TBEC/FLICKR (CC BY 2.0) Electric Cigarette can cause lungs susceptible to attack bacteria and viruses, because it can lower your immune system in the lung.

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