Kardashev scale-a scale that measures the level of Progress of human civilization

When talking about the already majukah human civilization? If it is indeed already advanced, then how nilanya? Then there is the quantitative method to measure it Kardashev scale is called. Created in 1964, the Kardashev scale aims to measure the level of progress of human civilization based on how humans generate energy. Formulated in 3 stages, Nikolai Kardashev (Astrophysical scientists leading Russia) send into phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3.

In the first stage the level of progress, human civilization is able to produce energy from all energy that reaches Earth from the Sun. To achieve the progress of the civilization phase 1, mankind must envelop the whole earth’s surface with solar panels that will of course be a not too pleasant for livable.  But in the future, mankind can pair a very large solar panels in space satellites and transmits its energy to Earth via laser. This is very likely to occur and is currently still under development in the laboratory (Leopold Summerer & Oisin Purcell, 2009). After mankind was able to achieve this, then we reach civilization progress stage 1.

Transfer the energy generated from solar panels on the satellite to the Earth’s surface using a Laser (Leopold Summerer & Oisin Purcell, 2009)

The second stage is the human race was able to utilize the entire energy from the Sun to produce energy. Unlike the first stage emphasized at the energy up to the Earth, and only partially just energy gets to Earth. On the second stage was the capture whole energy emitted by the Sun. To reach the stage, the human race must make a Dyson sheath apparatus transparent energy harvesters enclosing the entire area of the Sun as shown in the picture below. Dyson has been dianalis and sheath do calculation mathematically about on what the most optimal radius to get energy. It can be read on paper courtesy of Viorel Badescu in 1995 entitled “The Radius of Sphere Dyson’s” (Viorel Badescu, 1995).

Visualization of Pall Dyson to gain energy from the whole energy emitted from the Sun

The third stage is able to utilize the entire energy that exists in the Galaxy Andromeda. To achieve this, the human race must be able to access the energy from the black hole supermasif contained in the center of our galaxy. Ways and mechanism of phase 3 is still not formulated until this article was created. Kardashev stop number 3 on his scale, but other scientists have proposed levels even further.

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