Siringmakar 11: "Overachievers with PKM, together with the winner of the gold medal PIMNAS"

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What the heck, the importance of writing proposals PKM for students?”. Student Creativity program that is abbreviated with PKM is one of the businesses that do research and Outreach Directorate (DITLITABMAS) to improve the quality of higher education Ditjen college graduates so that later can become a Member community who have academic ability who can develop, implement and disseminate science, technology or art and culture of Indonesia.


Figure 1. Brazing is a three-time medalist at the competition organized PKM Ditjen higher education [Nur Abdillah Siddiq, Siringmakar 11, 2017]

The medal retrieved quite diverse presenters. Begin by following the Program of student Creativity-Entrepreneurship (PKMK), because it still competed at the beginning of new students and academic majors have not been sufficient, then in the second year are invited by senior to research and make the Program Student creativity-research (PKMP), and in the 3rd and the 4th then became Chairman of the Group and their own ideas. Presenters suggested for enthusiasts of the competition, primarily to the PKM freshman (Maba), can start with a PKM-K joined the theme craft and creative industries.

Okay, the first question is, why should the PKM (the finale is PIMNAS)?

Figure 2. Why PIMNAS? [Nur Abdillah Siddiq, Siringmakar 11, 2017]

because in my opinion the only PKM that all departments can participate, from the Department of State administration, Department of communication, nor the Department of robotics, can collaborate in a group” says presenters.

Figure 3. Title-the title of PKM which Followed in t[Nur Abdillah Siddiq, Siringmakar 11, 2017]
he next phase, Presenters making proposals PKM

Figure 4. Making Proposals PKM [Nur Abdillah Siddiq, Siringmakar 11, 2017]

In Figure 4. was outline in 5 fields of PKM and pattern drafting proposals, tips before putting together proposals is as follows:

  1. Please read and study the proposal-a proposal that has been funded by Ristekdikti, it would be better still if the proposals are studied is already won medals;
  2. Access to obtain proposals ever funded was able through or contact the research & technology/Faculty Scholarship or student Executive Body (BEM), then use the ATM method (observe, Blackouts and modifications). Consider the patterns of his proposal. Usually peers will be able to pattern after reading more than 3 proposals.

In addition to studying the pattern drafting proposals, the title of the proposal was also influential, as PKM titles like gate for reviewer PKM for assessment at the outset that proposals put forward good PKM or not. “Yet again his tip is reading, please download the announcement of titles funded PKM in the website Ristekdikti, there are about 3000 PKM funded, and colleagues can learn from there, again, see the pattern. In Figure 3, is my PKM titles funded, and thank God they all escaped, even Pimnas PKM-K still continues to this day, such as the Rebable which handles by my friend, listen-hear the hell up already exports to Viet Nam. So, it is not the end Pimnas colleagues “imbuh presenters.

The next step is Collecting Proposals PKM …

At the stage of collecting proposals that must be considered is don’t upload (upload) proposal to the Simbelmawa website at the time of the day of the deadline, because it could cause the failure of the upload because the full access the website in the last days deadline. “My advice is to upload as much as possible of his H-7, H-3 is the maximum, so that not in vain udah bikin 1 month proposals, eh, dont upload because the system failed him down or crowded”. The next point to note is the “Revisions”, so as often as possible to consult the Professor supervising, rest assured on 1 the principle that our supervisor Professor would be proud if his protégé overachievers.

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