Siringmakar 11: "Overachievers with PKM, together with the winner of the gold medal PIMNAS"

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Presenters: Nur Abdillah Siddiq (bronze medal Presentation PKMK at PIMNAS 2012; Gold Medal PKMP Presentation on PIMNAS 2013; Gold Medal PKMKC Poster on PIMNAS 2015)

Moderator: Wayan Dadang


What the heck, the importance of writing proposals PKM for students?”. Student Creativity program that is abbreviated with PKM is one of the businesses that do research and Outreach Directorate (DITLITABMAS) to improve the quality of higher education Ditjen college graduates so that later can become a Member community who have academic ability who can develop, implement and disseminate science, technology or art and culture of Indonesia.


Figure 1. Brazing is a three-time medalist at the competition organized PKM Ditjen higher education [Nur Abdillah Siddiq, Siringmakar 11, 2017]

The medal retrieved quite diverse presenters. Begin by following the Program of student Creativity-Entrepreneurship (PKMK), because it still competed at the beginning of new students and academic majors have not been sufficient, then in the second year are invited by senior to research and make the Program Student creativity-research (PKMP), and in the 3rd and the 4th then became Chairman of the Group and their own ideas. Presenters suggested for enthusiasts of the competition, primarily to the PKM freshman (Maba), can start with a PKM-K joined the theme craft and creative industries.

Okay, the first question is, why should the PKM (the finale is PIMNAS)?

Figure 2. Why PIMNAS? [Nur Abdillah Siddiq, Siringmakar 11, 2017]

because in my opinion the only PKM that all departments can participate, from the Department of State administration, Department of communication, nor the Department of robotics, can collaborate in a group” says presenters.

Figure 3. Title-the title of PKM which Followed in t[Nur Abdillah Siddiq, Siringmakar 11, 2017]

he next phase, Presenters making proposals PKM

Figure 4. Making Proposals PKM [Nur Abdillah Siddiq, Siringmakar 11, 2017]

In Figure 4. was outline in 5 fields of PKM and pattern drafting proposals, tips before putting together proposals is as follows:

  1. Please read and study the proposal-a proposal that has been funded by Ristekdikti, it would be better still if the proposals are studied is already won medals;
  2. Access to obtain proposals ever funded was able through or contact the research & technology/Faculty Scholarship or student Executive Body (BEM), then use the ATM method (observe, Blackouts and modifications). Consider the patterns of his proposal. Usually peers will be able to pattern after reading more than 3 proposals.

In addition to studying the pattern drafting proposals, the title of the proposal was also influential, as PKM titles like gate for reviewer PKM for assessment at the outset that proposals put forward good PKM or not. “Yet again his tip is reading, please download the announcement of titles funded PKM in the website Ristekdikti, there are about 3000 PKM funded, and colleagues can learn from there, again, see the pattern. In Figure 3, is my PKM titles funded, and thank God they all escaped, even Pimnas PKM-K still continues to this day, such as the Rebable which handles by my friend, listen-hear the hell up already exports to Viet Nam. So, it is not the end Pimnas colleagues “imbuh presenters.

The next step is Collecting Proposals PKM …

At the stage of collecting proposals that must be considered is don’t upload (upload) proposal to the Simbelmawa website at the time of the day of the deadline, because it could cause the failure of the upload because the full access the website in the last days deadline. “My advice is to upload as much as possible of his H-7, H-3 is the maximum, so that not in vain udah bikin 1 month proposals, eh, dont upload because the system failed him down or crowded”. The next point to note is the “Revisions”, so as often as possible to consult the Professor supervising, rest assured on 1 the principle that our supervisor Professor would be proud if his protégé overachievers.

Figure 5. Gathering Proposals PKM[Nur Abdillah Siddiq, Siringmakar 11, 2017]

Figure 6. Gathering Proposals PKM [Nur Abdillah Siddiq, Siringmakar 11, 2017]

After gathering proposals (submit), we‘ll be waiting for quite a long time announcement, i.e. approximately four (4) months. “Sepengalaman me 4 years following his announcement in February usually PKM. For in the year 2017, according to sources from the sister of my class, collecting proposals PKM has been opened in the Simbelmawa of higher education and its deadline November 28, 2017, “light of the presenters.

If the Proposal is funded, we praise the PKM, then a new journey begins. But if not lucky, quiet enough, don’t waste idemu, still much (banget) competition of the paper, and the paper we could be perfected and included the event. So, in short, make a PKM whether funded or not, we do not lose out at all.

What if our proposals are funded?

When the proposal, which must be funded PKM realise money is 100% indirect PKM down, but rather gradually. Therefore, solid or whether our team tested, all team members must be willing to lend money, “used to be my team usually urunan 500ribu’s and terkumpullah 2, 5juta”. “The money is important to initiate action, well this PKM one secret in fact, so many new teams PKM PKM money waiting for new liquid motion, so they lost the start” says presenters.

“We normally given four months by Ristekdikti to realize the idea of PKM, and my advice complete our programs wherever possible within 3 months, since the last 1 month can be used as a time to join the international seminar (for PKM-P, PKM-KC and PKM-T) or can focus sales have boosted turnover (for PKM-K) and print the cadres (for PKMM), the light of brazing more.

The existence of evidence of the paper that’s been ter-submit in a journal or Conference, never loaded in the media, both print and electronic media, has the patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights and other things will be added value to the PKM and enlarge our opportunities escape PIMNAS. For example, there is one team from a campus (which I do not want to mention his name) never covered by Metro TV, just a 3-minute video, and then set the presentation, can snatch a bronze medal (third place) the presentation of the PKM-KC. Therefore, as much as possible to retain their time 1 month to take care of those additional points.

Figure 7. Timeline of the last stage,[Nur Abdillah Siddiq, Siringmakar 11, 2017]

PKM Pengerjakan Monev higher education in June …

Monev Ristekdikti in June, and the announcement of Pimnas usually July and implementation of Pimnas him in August. “When Monev Ristekdikti, my advice is as much as possible present Lecturer supervisor to watch a presentation of our group, and we also tell jurors reviewer ristekdikti that our supervising lecturers attended and continue to support the program the creativity of our students “.

Figure 8. The organization followed Presenters during a lecture [Nur Abdillah Siddiq, Siringmakar 11, 2017]

“Oh yes, despite my 4 x 4 year consecutive passes Pimnas from Maba to graduate, I still had time to organize, even thank God entrusted the Chairman of Lembaga Dakwah Engineering Physics at ITS 3rd year in College, and Chairman of ITS KOPMA in the 4th lecture. So don’t make it join the PKM for 6 months (1 at) not to actively organize Yes, hehe “.

Baca juga:

Figure 9. The Benefits Of Competition PKM [Nur Abdillah Siddiq, Siringmakar 11, 2017]

Remember, that is not the goal in its execution of Pimnas PKM, but our goal is to apply the science of PKM participate, learn to make a thesis, etc. I am researching the petty, if my friends who have never been entirely will make PKM difficulty in making skripsinya and lulusnya are not uncommon molor, hehe, dont want to develop this thesis ‘ difficulty right?, so is the right container PKM to practice “, the message of presenters at the end of the discussion.

Figure 10. PKM-poster KC who won the gold medal belongs to the Brazin[Nur Abdillah Siddiq, Siringmakar 11, 2017]

g Figure 11. The format of the Assessment of higher education Director-PKM-P the year 2013 [Nur Abdillah Siddiq, Siringmakar 11, 2017]

Guide the implementation of the Program of student Creativity the year 2017 is accessible to

Session Faq (QnA)

Term 1

  1. NOFA Utafa_Pertanyaan: I would like to ask the moderator, what’s the difference with PKM PKM-P-GT?. How does Mr. Nur got ideas the title his PKM outstanding it?. Thank you.
    A: Ok, PKM-P is based on research and if P-funded the PKM then we must carry out his research, in contrast to the GT-PKM only as an idea, so there is no need to implement anything after his PKM expressed escaped. Well, if it’s nature-p. PKM funded 5 to 12.5 million, if the PKM-GT only limited reward only $3 million, but the PKM-GT could also qualify Pimnas and without the process of presentation at Monev Ristekdikti.
  2. Nanda Purnomo Aji_Pertanyaan: may I request the PKM made moderator, to see as a reference for writing format, and whether if PKM I created doesn’t match the science I would reduce the value of my PKM?
    A: PKM created by moderator?, hehe. Do not reduce, but as much as possible in 1 group in which 3-5 people there who plot with, for example, the PKM PKM-K me that selling a variety of fashion products from recycled materials like cardboard, patchwork and gunny sack, we recruit members from ITS product design, to my Swatch file used to be Yes, Okay go to question 3.

Term 2

  1. Batari Image Ayunda_Pertanyaan: How do I set the time for the PKM and exchange students?. I would like to follow the PKM next year and I’m also planning to follow the exchange student in America. Pelajarnya Exchange registration sometime in November-December. And if it passes, pemberangkatannya approximately March-June, how to me to set the time?. Thank you.
    A: Please create only his proposal, right not to know is funded or not, if later thank God its funded, ya its would exchange students as much as possible is not a major player in the PKM, so among the 3-5 people should be distributed well his duties. That became the main players must be fulltime and can not conduct out of the country for a period of more than 2 weeks. If his Monev later in June and apparently ya its still exchange students, it’s not a problem, which is important to his later presentator can explain to the jury that his members there who are Exchange students, usually written evidence such as letters etc were also given to the jury. Hopefully his PKM terdanai and pelajarnya Exchange also qualify, Yes.
  2. Sukma_Pertanyaan: Mas gimana sih caranya nentuin ideas that we haven’t used the same of others?
    A: the answer is Avid-Avid Reader. To check, please go to, type the idea in United Kingdom Language already exists or not. Well, this is important ya, it’s a great idea that is derived from the process of developing the ideas of others. So the process is perfected, and because we refine the ideas of others, we are not going to be the difficulty in writing a sub chapter “previous research”. Or if you want to pay, in the manner that our ideas that are new and have never been anyone else who has the same idea is to check them out on paid, but if we were closer to the great teacher/Professor, he-he usually got the account have been paid by the University, in a way that would be more potent to check out a new idea or not, hehe.
  3. Vironi_Pertanyaan: How do I make the background and formulation of interesting problems?. And whether the PKM-P only relates to science?, smelling research regarding the title I want to create a non-exact sciences research, would be?
    A: a strong background is the background that is based on a variety of paper/books/reliable references (wikipedia is not an appropriate source, so avoid citing from wikipedia, yes), so in the background usually contain an awful lot of quote/ citations from the paper/book. The point we explained in the background of various references that described, our topic of PKM is essential, the solution that we offer have never been offered before. Oh yes, since 2 years ago, PKM-P is divided into two categories-P exact sciences and PKM PKM-P social (non-students), so it is can ya, ya, to create P-PKM non exact sciences please make, still enough time, hehe.
  4. Ruth Monica_Pertanyaan: I first followed the PKM, and on Thursday there will be a review of higher education research proposal that test we made, how the tips so that we smoothly in presentation also is not nervous, so the reviewers can understand what We pass on?
    A: Yes, the spirit of Dogged ya for the presentation. Key in the presentation of PKM is teamwork, remember that PKM is teamwork rather than individual work, so here it is important to divide the different topics to each Member of the team. Let’s say I am researching laser, so I divide there is a part of the optical properties of laser, there’s a part of their material, there is a section of electronics lasernya, part lasernya application, etc, so when the jury asked A topic, then the team member who has the answer is that the topic was entrusted, so do not need long discussions to decide who to answer and do not need to point to each other. And so when the question and answer session, presentatornya not much of answer, but a member other than the presentator said, because it means the cohesiveness of the team. And the cohesiveness of the team also entered in the assessment by the jury, with the material terbagi2, then load the team become lighter when facing the question and answer session, if the presentation, we recommend 2 people only and the most mastered the material. The key is often – often really exercise. Before my presentation that praise can be gold medal presentation, may I’ve been practicing the presentation more than 20 x, hehe, and try to make the draft presentation lisannya, so are written in word on slide 1 want to convey what and so on. It’s okay, mas, Steve Job he said instead of practicing at least 50 x before the presentation of the launching of Apple products. The key is to make better practise.
  5. Oky Priawan_Pertanyaan: Sir, if late, if I now start making new proposals? Just now I saw Mr takes 2 months to prepare the PKM … can love his tips Sir, if I start it now?
    A: depending on the campus ya, hehe, if ITS new then create now seems to already have been, since there is already a communal guidance 1. try to ask to the Student Affairs of the University, when the collection of the last proposal to the University, if ITS about 2 weeks into november, so check the campus, our proposals are worth not included PKM. PKM is an event every year that inshaAllah there constantly, so even though it can’t join now, his proposal could be made from now to next year, is also able to run the race the other paper. If the kick quickly sorry I do not have, hehe, because the result later will not be optimal, masnya have to search team members, search, find the idea of supervising lecturers, etc., but if you want to try please:D


As a student, high school graduation requirement is to make the thesis and get it done. Well, PKM be practicing proper containers before we faced the thesis. With the experience of making the PKM, praise the process of thesis becomes very easy, that’s what I feel.

Presenters have also been filling in Gresik, following UISI video:

Read also Siringmakar 12: “became the champion of the competition Robot”

Nailul Izzah

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