We are All Talented in mathematics, Neuroscience Prove It

This article discusses how neuroscience research changed the way we study math in the future and reveals that in fact everyone is talented in mathematics

This article was adapted from the writings of Jo Boaler (Professor of mathematics education from Stanford University) entitled The Myth of Being ‘ Bad ‘ at Math

Advances in neural science revolutionized our approach to education, and the progress has a very important impact in the way an educator teaching mathematics. These advances are challenging our assumptions about the mathematics, assumptions that make students do not want to explore mathematics.

The assumption of the most popular and most damaging is that some people are gifted in mathematics while others are not gifted in math.

Parents believe it, some teachers believe, and as a result the students also believe it. Fortunately, the research evidence against these dangerous assumptions aplenty, thanks to recent discoveries in the science of nerves about the plasticity of the human brain.

If you are into London and then take a taxi “Black Cabs”, you may not know how great the ability of the driver. It turned out to be a taxi driver in London, you have to study for two to four years. At the end of their education, you will perform the test as cool, “The Knowledge” that test whether you have known 25,000 roads and 20,000 places in London or not. In this case the nervous scientists have discovered, that the education period 2 to 4 years are significantly expanding driver’s hippocampus, a special section of the brain that stores spatial information (room). When the driver stops working or retired, it turns out their hippocampus shrinks again. Previously scientists never knew that the brain that apparently is flexible.

Some time after the study was published, there was a nine-year-old girl who had to be thrown away half his brain (brain hemisphere is no 2, on this girl dumped one of belahannya). The disposal is done because the girl experienced seizures that cannot be controlled by doctors. The doctors and scientists expected that he would be paralyzed for life, because the overall movement control the hemispheric body part on the opposite part (the left brain controls the right side of the body such as the motion of the right hand, right foot, and otherwise). But surprisingly it turns out that parts of the brain’s left hemisphere of the brain can grow which none (discarded). Then occurred the connection between nerve cells (synapses) of the brain so quickly that within a few months, the girl can run and play again.

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