Finally a human head Transplant Operations will be performed December 2017

Human head Transplant operations will be performed December 2017

The success of the transplant test head mouse that has been performed on a few months ago, will now be back performed with a human head. The head transplant has been carried out is still just a trial stage. A human head that is used as the object of observation is the head of the corpse in the operation into the body of another dead body. The operation is run by using the span of 18 hours in the lead by dr. Sergio Canavero.

Dr. Sergio Canavero and his obsession for the transplantation of the head

The transplant operation was originally testing experience various controversies, this happens due to the proposed operation will be conducted in the country United States (USA), but various reasons makes a strong testing makes the world pangling and tantrum for a moment this is successfully done in China. Reason for choosing China by doctors due Canavero is none other doctors who will be operating partner is the origin of the Chinese doctors. This is a Chinese physician Dr. Ren Xiaoping. Xiaoping is not new in the world of organ transplantation, he is famous transplant rat’s head as many as 1,000 rats.

Another reason chose China because doctors casavero hope more in order for China to become a country capable of mastering all areas, including the world organ transplant of human body. America was not elected because of the strong disapproval in the country so the doctor Canavero says:  

“The United States never understood. An opportunity like this eventually falls on China. President Xi Jinping also said wants to return the power of China in all fields. I also contribute and contribute, one of Yes with the transplant, “reported by USA Today, Monday (20/11/2017).

The head of the Transplant operations for 18 hours, the doctor Canavero gives no leakage on the level of “success” of these tests larena indeed essentially still limited testing on non-human corpses that are still alive.

Canavero, the State said the US and Europe does not support human head transplant which will be tested in the span of one month. Other doctors disagree will this pengujiaan because the head of the man can be transplanted intact to keep it working in another body.

Different doctors do Canavero dub as “Dr. Frankenstein” due to a strong obsession for the transplantation of organs of human body. However, even giving Canavero repulsion medical team and still intends to do his first head transplant in the world. A real human head transplant itself will take place in December 2017.

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