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Robotics technology is one of the sophisticated products of the research result of countries that make technology as the spearhead of the advancement of his people. Developed countries vying for each other develop and create sophisticated robots in an attempt to facilitate any activity and the work of mankind. Don’t get left with China that his country still belongs to the developing world i[1]s also being actively developed mainly in the field of medical Robotics technology. China’s success in developing world Robotics evidenced by a robot ‘ world’s first ‘ Xiaoyi who have successfully passed the licensing examination (license).


Robot Xiaoyi pass medical tests

Xiaoyi ‘ robot ‘ first in the world to pass the exam of medical licensing company iFlytek, China

The robots ‘ Xiaoyi ‘ is the world’s first robot that has passed the test of national medical licensing from the country of China. The robots ‘ Xiaoyi ‘ has passed the test with scores of 456 points, the value of 96 points higher than the value specified in the national medical licensing exam in China[2]. The robot made by iFlytek co., Ltd. (iFlytek) which is a company that develops software (software) that were assigned to examine the technology processing of intelligence speaking (speech synthesis and voice recognition) and language processing (intelligent speech and language technologies), developer technology software (software) and chip (IC technology), service provider information for public speaking, and the integration of electronic systems[3].

The entire embedded artificial intelligence technology on the robots ‘ Xiaoyi ‘ is purely a result of the company’s artificial iFlytek co., Ltd. (iFlytek), without any interference from the technology of speech recognition (Speech Recognition) made by Google as on voice recognition technology used in artificial Sophia Hanson Robotics robo[4]t. Read the article titled Sophia robots became acquainted with Sophia, Smart Robot with world’s first Citizenship Status.

IFlytek company says that, “the Robot has artificial intelligence is turned on continuously can automatically find out and analyse information so that patients suffered diseases that could make early diagnosis. This will be used to help doctors improve care efficiency in future “. They also said that, “general practitioners lack the numbers in rural areas of China. We hope that artificial intelligence can help more in providing medical resources to the community. “

Artificial intelligence-based health programs to be built by China is very different from a technology company developed by the United States on the system AI-enabled IBM Watson. In the United States only company focusing on cancer treatment and major diseases (major diseases). While on the Chinese-owned company iFlytek increase efforts to explore how to use artificial intelligence to cure cancer and train general practitioners[2].

The robots ‘ Xiaoyi ‘ according to the company initially only be iFlytek bot (computer program) developed to record and analyze information of the disease of the patient, and the result turned out to be very beneficial for the company. IFlytek companies planning to make robots ‘ Xiaoyi ‘ can help physicians in order to improve their efficiency in the treatment of human beings in the future. The Chairman of the company, Liu Qingfeng iFlytek in his statement said that, “we will officially launch the robot in March 2018. This program is not intended to replace a doctor. But the aim is to promote better cooperation between man and the machine so that it can increase efficiency[5].

In October 2017 corporations then iFlytek have launched funds amounting to 1.02 billion yuan (150 million dollars) to support the development of software and hardware. Then in October 2030 later China will issue funds amounting to 1 trillion yuan (milyan $152.5 dollars) to build the center of their artificial intelligence Industry[2]. China has become a major competitor in the race of developers of artificial intelligence to the global level, it has surpassed the United States in the study of artificial intelligence. This is a Chinese effort to become a pioneer in the development of artificial intelligence in the year 203[6]0. China is really serious in their artificial intelligence development program, this is proof that China can compete in the future along with developed countries. Saudi Arabia has also previously announced plans to build a mega city (large) worth $500 billion dollars, supported by Robotics and renewable energy on the coast of the Red Sea[4]. Then what about Indonesia, whether to join the following States developers of artificial intelligence also?

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Here’s the video of the robot ‘ Xiaoyi ‘ medical licensing examination,

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