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Science is a result that we pick from the learning process during the formal school (Elementary, junior high, high school, University) as well as any non formal institutions (institution language courses). Sometimes we feel that we acquire knowledge of learning during school on the bench has not been enough lah, even feel don't get anything during the study. Some students who are active will normally make use his spare time to read a lot of books so that the knowledge already learnt at school can develop. However, for some a lazy student, reading is something that is considered boring and makes the eyes sleepy.

Professor Einstein a personal robot from hanson Robotics. (Source:

Along with the development of increasingly sophisticated technologies and advanced from day kehari, learning issues that are considered boring can be overcome. Then, accompanied by increasingly sophisticated image processing technology to the camera on the face recognition (face recognition-based [1] computer vision [2]) and voice recognition technology (speech recognition [3]), the robot-a robot that is able to recognize objects, and able to be invited to speak was created. One of the results of the work of this technology is the robot "Professor Einstein" from Hanson Robotics company based in Hong Kong. Professor Einstein has the ability to interact with respond to the opponent's interlocutor and it can also recognize the expression of the opponents of speech through a tiny camera embedded dilubang adjusted his tie. Professor Einstein would tell the science of science as a form of response to those who ask him.

Professor Einstein robot was created by Dr. David Hanson who was the founder and CEO of Hanson Robotics, the company teamed with Andy Rifkin was a toy inventor with over 40 years experience in developing award winner (award-winning) for interactive entertainment and educational products to create a robot that will be used to honor the character and unique teaching style of Albert Einstein in explaining complex topics in a way all one can easily understand to what described [4].

Professor Einstein robot was being poked his tongue (source:

Professor Einstein robot has a 14.5-inch high or about 36.8 cm and has the ability to walk, speak, and teach science with a facial expression as in humans. Professor Einstein robot is designed to be a fun teacher and is full of cute, quirky nature of deep knowledge, and emotional responses. Professor Einstein robot even has the ability that can imitate the most famous photo of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue where he. This kind of robot makes the process of learning to be enjoyable at the same time gain a lot of knowledge.

Professor Einstein robot has some advanced technology attached to it so that its ability not merely robots capable of talking science alone. This robot worked well online (connected to the internet) and offline (not connected to the internet). When connected to the internet via WiFi, using speech processing naturally to keep talking science. Professor Einstein hosts this Hanson Robotics results do not use speech recognition (speech recognition), but Hanson Robotics using technology open-source API, which allows robots to tell about news update from Donald Trump or let you know about the latest weather circumstances. This robot was originally created as a friend of learning for children at the age of 13 years and older.

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Professor Einstein robot was also very supportive to connect to mobile phones like the Iphone, Samsung, and other smart phones. Professor Einstein robot does not merely talk about the many science but can also be used to play games. Professor Einstein robot will guide the user with eye-popping slideshows, interactive lessons, brain teasers, jokes, conditioned experiments, through applications that have been created by Hanson Robotics, i.e. "Sentein-O-Matic". Application of Stein-O-Matic has interface (display) a clean and simple. While the children were watching a video, playing a study on brain teasers, or play a game of space rocket which showed gravity, Professor Einstein will be involved to provide assistance or additional suggestions and direction that will done at the time. As well as giving motivation to children if they fail, and also give praise when they do well [5].

How do you interested to buy it? Here's the video of the robot action Professor Einstein, references:

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