Get To Know The Type Of Liquid Dairy Products In Food Industry

You guys certainly never drink milk right? The milk is what you like to drink? UHT fresh milk, milk sterilization, or pasteurized milk? Approximately do already know the difference?

Basically milk has more easily damaged than livestock other results, so that the processing of liquid dairy products each have a goal to reached in its products. In the processing of milk, there are a few parameters that are very important i.e. temperature process, long processes, microbes, nutritional value, and long time storage.

  • Liquid milk UHT (Ultra Heat Temperature)

Liquid milk UHT has in the process of heating temperature range with a long warming 140oC range only minutes 2-6 seconds and cooled with a temperature of about 5oC. The presence of high temperature causes all the bacteria will be lost. However, the nutrient content of its stay awake, because the warming committed only a fraction of a second. For storage of liquid milk UHT Long range 10 months during the packaging has not been opened.

  • Milk sterilization

Milk sterilization have ranged in process heating temperature 121oC or above the boiling point with long warm up for 15 minutes. Because the temperature is not too high, just milk and destroyer of bacteria bacteria harmful to the body of the missing (dead). However, the nutrient content such as vitamins, minerals and proteins in milk would be reduced often increases the length of the duration of the heating process. Long storage milk products sterilization could reach approximately 10 months during the packaging has not been opened.

  • Pasteurized milk

Pasteurized milk is another form of processed fresh milk to prolong durability. Pasteurized milk has a temperature of heating process with a long warming 75oC ranges for 15 seconds. Due to the low temperature and the length of time a short warming process, bacteria and bacteria-milk destroyer harms the body just lame (injured). As for the content of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins in milk are still incomplete. However, this product can only be reached approximately 14 days for unopened packaging.

Each process has its advantages and disadvantages each of nutrient content, long storage, and content of the bacteria. Therefore, if you want to consume the milk then konsumsilah in accordance with the needs of each. If you guys better select which?

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