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By: dr. Penggalih M boomingnya Are Herlambang everyday Science toys toy cars hotwheels that are encountered in the minimart sometimes makes parents misgivings when fitting kedompetnya invite the child. But it could have been this toy became the media learned to love science. Science teaches children about the logic of causal phenomenon. Yes, personal experiences so that children do not only play but also learn about the phenomena of physics as follows.

  1. Potential energy

When installing the track with a certain height, a child sometimes curious how the car could move quickly. Then try raising the height of the track, then the car will be the faster gliding with mileage further. Yes, there's potential energy that works in the car. The joint between the car's mass (m), the acceleration of gravity (g) influences, as well as the height of the beginning of the track (h) will affect potential energy (Ep).

EP = m.g. h

  1. Gravity

When the child is still curious why car Toys falling down, we can introduce that there is the force of gravity (F) interesting. That the larger object (m1) will attract the smaller object (m2) is at the distance of the nearest (r).

F = G (m2 m1.)/r2

  1. Friction

At the end of the track Let's navigate to the media tile, carpet, and cardboard. Then we can see that the car slows down faster in the corrugated cardboard rather than carpet. Here we can introduce the existence of friction (f) that is affected by koefisian of friction (µ) are different between the cardboard and carpet, tile.

f = µ. N

  1. Impulse-Momentum

When cars lined up in series and then there is the car from one direction slammed into at high speed, then the car most tip the opposite direction will move.   Lots of other phenomena such as Motion straight change regularity (GLBB), inclined plane, and so on from hotwheels. But the most important is do not let the children lose the sensation of happiness in play.  

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