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Green turtles on the Great Barrier Reef. (source:

A scientific article entitled "Environmental Warming and Feminization of One of the Largest Sea Turtle Populations in the World", published in the journal Current Biology said that the temperature of the environment around the site creative egg green turtles will affect the gender of the baby's future. Increasingly warm Beach site creative place, then the trend is happening is more and more babies a female turtles hatch.

The population of green turtles that only around 200,000 along the East coast of Queensland, Australia, scientists are concerned will make the survival of green turtles. Read also the Turtle Will become extinct in the next few years?. The phenomenon of the growing number of green turtle females occur due to global warming. Jensen and his team obtained the data that turtle populations in the Northern reefs Greet Barrier Reef more than 99% are females. While in cooler regions, namely southern, they found that around 65%-69% turtle is a female.

Researchers noted that climate change is affecting the species and ecosystems around the world, "the impact of the temperature rise is mainly related with the determination of the sex of the species depends on temperature (TSD), where the sex of an individual is determined by the incubation temperature During embryonic development, "they said.

In the absence of males, the green turtles will be increasingly endangered. Whereas current population that is not how coupled with pollution of the sea, the fishing net activities and various activities, making the chance of living green turtles increasingly narrows. With an average global temperature rise predicted reached 4.7 degrees Fahrenheit (2.6 degrees celsius) at 2100, the population of green turtles coming ever more threatened by failing to menetasnya the egg and the dominance of the female Variant that slowly can culminate in extinction. Reference:

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