Car design Modular Embedded artificial intelligence to Modern Transportation Future

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Future technology derived from the fruit of the human mind yesterday and today. Many of the ideas and concepts of advanced technologies of the future that has not yet been materialized today due to the still limited technology and human resources. Technology of the past will not be efficient when used for today and the technology of today will not be efficient when implemented in the future. It all happened because human needs that continue to increase in terms of efficiency, speed, and modern. Dikota-kota great congestion has also become the major cause of that technology today is inefficient if applied in the future. So, needed a concept with the use of modern technology without barriers to facilitate any future transport problems.

The modular design concept of car transport in the future [1].

In giving solutions to solve the problems of transport and at the same time to change the way we travel kesuatu location in the future, then a design team of Oiio designing concept of sophisticated means of transport in the form of an autonomous modular car embedded artificial intelligence. Oiio is a team of designers that are located in California dedicated to make the concept of architectural design. The modular designed cars for the Los Angeles area city where the most bogged down in the United States. Modular car are also designed to cope with the impact of burning fossil fuels in the form of gasoline on the environment and global warming.

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Oiio design team created a unique design concept of modern modular car by way of dissecting the current concept car. They unload baggage, cabin, engine and other parts to create a modular car bubble that can be customized with a variety of environmental conditions. The modular designed car without a steering wheel, but uses artificial intelligence system (Artificial Intelligence, AI) that is very smart. In the car the modular, not just being a passenger only, but able to perform physical activity like sports etc.

The existing sections on modular car designed by Oiio team [1].

Perhaps in the future travel in Bali Kingdom already considered tifdak efficient because it can cause problems bogged down, so that it can slow down the process for who wants to visit. The vision of Oiio is how to design a modular car can travel horizontally and vertically. The modular car will be designed in accordance with the travel needs of its users. Oiio said that, "the people who were in Los Angeles in the future only has a cabin and a centralized system with artificial intelligence, they can create a temporary modular units, a customized dendengan quick design needs user ". Modular car design team Oiio results will start coming on the market in 2060 [1] [2] [3].

The following video is an overview of the design,


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