Rice Is Expensive? Yuk Change To Other Carbohydrate Sources

Commodities of rice to the attention of the end – the end of it, because the Government decided the import of rice from Thailand and Viet Nam to control unstable food prices [1]. We always think of how rice should be available and affordable, so that by the time the rice is having problems, we become a panic. The Government should not need to panic by opening the import of rice that long-term effects are very detrimental to local farmers. One effective solution is the Government encouraging communities to improve food consumption nonberas based on local resources (diversification of food).

ACT number 18 Year 2012 on Food defines food security is a condition for the country's food to be met by an individual, which reflected the availability of sufficient food, good quality or amount; a secure, diverse, nutritious, and affordable, equitable and not contrary to religion, beliefs, and culture of the community, to be able to live healthy, active, and productive in a sustainable way [2]. In law it is described the policy of food availability did not lead to certain types of commodities, such as rice, but a diverse and nutritious food, so that when a commodity is compromised, then it can be replaced with another.

Carbohydrate-based food diversification is very necessary, considering Indonesia relies heavily on two sources of carbohydrates namely rice and flour. In fact the source of carbohydrates not only rice, but could be from maize, Yam, cassava, breadfruit, cassava, cassava, sago, potato vines, and the type of bulbs – other bulbs. Thus, the availability of energy sources of origin need not be imposed should be carbohydrates in rice, but tailored to the availability of local food, such as Papua, making sago as food anyway, See tiwulnya with North Borneo, with Eloinya, and North Sulawesi with banana gapinya.

Then, do the same Nutritional Rice and others?

Of course different, the Government needs to provide appropriate nutritional needs for staple food as it has been defined in a number of nutritional adequacy (RDA). According to nutritional guidelines are balanced, we at least need a source of carbohydrates 3 – 4 servings per day, about 100 grams in 1 serving of rice, depending on the age group and physiological condition (pregnant, nursing mothers, the elderly, children, adolescents, adults). If you want to switch the source of carbs in 1 serving of rice, then it could be with potatoes 2 medium in size, 3-piece medium, breadfruit and other [3]. More details please see the picture below.


Food list carbohydrate sources in Exchange for 1 (one) share of rice (source: Ministry of health of INDONESIA. Balanced Nutrition Guidelines. [3])


In addition, the Government should encourage the production of flour-tubers for the substitution of rice or flour in making noodles or bread. Such research is already done, the development of analog with a mixture of rice flour white corn and soy flour 10% get the value of total phenols, resistant starch, high food and fiber and color products that are acceptable to consumers. These products also produces the IG value (glycemic index) that fairly low i.e. 50 [4], read also the importance of knowing the glycemic index for diabetics. Other research is making bread with flour that produces mocaf influence on color, aroma, but not noticeably [5]. Further research and determining the direction of policies needed to reduce the consumption of wheat flour and rice, so the direction of food diversification can be realized.



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