How do I change the Neuroscience of human Mindset?

Neuroscience is able to change the pattern of human thought. This triggered on the number of questions that appear related processes and the role that is used to transform human thoughts (mindset) based Neurosciences.  For it is very important to understand in advance the understanding of Neuroscience.

Neuroscience is a field of science specializing in scientific studies of the nervous system. Community or a bevy of Neuroscience was established in 1969, but learning about the brain is already done since a long time ago. Some things learned include the structure, function, evolutionary history, development, genetics, biochemistry, Physiology, pharmacology, Informatics, computational neuroscience and pathology of the nervous system. Traditionally, neuroscience looks like a branch of the biological sciences. However, it's been done a lot of research cooperation between the fields within the framework of disciplines such as neuroscience, psychology and neuro-cognitive, computer science, statistics, physics and kedokteran1.

The history of the development of the Neurosciences during Neurology began when Cajal (Santiago Ramón y Cajal) Spain, scientist (Nobel Prize in 1906) discovered four basic theories about Neurons i.e. 2:

  1. Nerve cells, as a unit of the signal and block-forming the base of the brain called neurons. Neuron consists of a dendrite, cell body and axon. Dendrite cell body of shoots is that receive signals from other cells. The body of the cell in the form of membranes (membrane) which contains the nucleus (DNA).
Illustration of Neuroscience

2. Axon formed a long line of body cells are elements that convey information to other cells through the dendrite axon terminals.

3. Terminal axon Dendrite cells convey information to other sinepsi, namely with axon dendrite gaps between other cells.

4. The synaptic gap before called presinaptik, and afterward called the post synaptic.

Neuroscience is a field of study of the nervous system in the human brain. It also examines the neuroscience of awareness and sensitivity about the brain in terms of biology, perception, memory, and relation to learning. For the theory of Neuroscience, nervous system and the brain is part of the learning process is very important for human beings.

Neuroscience can make the relationship between the cognitive processes of the brain with the process of human behavior that would dilakuakan physically. This means that each command is processed by the brain will enable important areas otak3.

The study of the brain became a cornerstone in understanding of how we feel and interact with the outside world and especially what experienced human and how humans affect the other 4.

Illustration of thoughts in the brain

Thoughts or mindsets can be changed by the process of Neuroscience: with how cognitive therapy through awareness and positive thoughts in order that created a positive mindset, as an example is changing the mindset about mathematics. There is a mindset that good at math is only for the chosen, there are talented people in the field of mathematics and there is a no talent in mathematics. But the fact is we are all talented in mathematics.

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Think not only about the event, but also mental chemistry in the brain. The existence of cognitive therapy will help human behavior is to change the habits of bad thoughts are automatically accumulated in daily routine manusia6.

For example, when faced with a poor exam grades, rather than regret it with various thoughts and mindsets are not good and redundant, why not therapy with Neuroscience that is thinking about the effort to do the best so that it will produce the expected results. All began on the patterns of mind that gives a fine, positive thinking and the right solution 6.

The above article had described how the children neuroscience are able to play a role in changing mindsets and behaviours that exist.

Let's make it a habit to start Therapy Cognitive Neuroscience Theory As Thinking in managing thought (mindset) into a positive direction.


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