Jokowi-Pack Pet Goats or Sheep?

Animal food has different nutrients content than other food sources so that it is necessary to complete the fulfillment of the nutritional needs of the community. This makes the demand for animal food from year to year. After the success of animal origin food exports poultry to neighboring countries, Minister of agriculture Dr. IR. H. Andi Amran Sulaiman, also encouraged the export of commodities from the cattle, goats and sheep in the year 2017 yesterday [1]. The data of the Ministry of agriculture shows that the population of goats and sheep in Indonesia each about 18.4 million and 16.5 million tail, increased compared to the previous year [2]. This indicates the potential for cattle sheep and goats started many considered by the public as a profitable venture. Every two years, a healthy sheep and goats can be spawned at least three tails. The production of meat and milk (for dairy goats) are also very profitable due to the high selling price, even goat milk has a higher price than cow's milk. Goat and sheep dung wastes did not lose its quality as compared to other cattle such as cow dung and poultry, so that the selling price of komposnya are also relatively more expensive.

It turns out that this potential has also been considered by the number one in Indonesia, IR. H. Joko Widodo. He showed off his sheep cattle already totaled 11 in the National Farm Jamboree event 2017 at Campsites and Tours Cibubur, Graha in September 2017 ago [3].  Previously, Mr. Jokowi has been uploading videos of his kid's birth via a vlog.


Initially all fine until going discussion among scholars and practitioners farms who commented on the various social media. According to them, which is maintained by Mr. Jokowi is not a goat but rather sheep. What exactly is the difference of goats and sheep? Do sheep live in Indonesia?

Some people may have the assumption that animals bleating goats, while lamb is merely just existed in the series Shaun the Sheep. Whereas in Indonesia that wooden sticks could be this plant has a very rich biological wealth, including different types of sheep and goats. In Indonesia we have Goats, goat Kaligesing Straits Ettawa, goat Saanen goat and other types of local and imported types. So did the sheep, we have sheep garut who were already quite famous, fat-tailed sheep, sheep merino and many other types of sheep.

Then how do we distinguish between a goat and a sheep? Goats (Capra SP.) has a number of chromosomes as much as 60 [4]. The characteristic that most distinguishes it with sheep i.e facing upwards, his tail feathers/hair is not as thick as the sheep, as well as more fond of eating the foliage so good at jumping and climbing. Whereas the chromosome sheep (Ovis sp.) amounted to 54 [5], have a tail hanging, thicker fur (for wool), and more fond of eating grass so unruly behavior. In contrast to goats, sheep normally live in groups/huddle. As for maintenance, each has its advantages and disadvantages. However, in terms of profit, both of which are equally profitable, although the price of the goats generally in the market is higher than the sheep. In the language of the region, particularly in Central Java, most goats are often called wedus, whereas sheep called snot. The community believed that the smell of mutton sharper (prengus) rather than the goat meat.

Well now we can already distinguish between goats and sheep, so for those of you who want to start a business of goat and sheep herds already have basic information about both.

So, according to you, Mr. Jokowi pet livestock were goats or sheep?   References: [1] Fajriah, l. r. 2017. Indonesia Exports Livestock to Singapore. (accessed January 18, 2018) [2] Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia. 2017. The cattle population of the year 2013-2017. (accessed January 18, 2018) [3] Nugroho, b. p. 2017. Jokowi show off Goats on the farm Jamboree: do not Lean my Kayak. (accessed January 18, 2018) [4], d., Wang, l., Lin, p., Jiang, t., Wang, n., Zhao, f., Chen, h., Tang, k., Zhou, d., Wang, a., Jin, y. & 2017. An immortalized granulosa cell line steroidogenic goat as a model system to study the effect of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-the stress response on steroidogenesis. Journal of Reproduction and Development, 63 (1), 27-36. [5] Zhu, x., Liu, z., Deng, w., Zhang, z., Liu, y., Wei, l., Zhang, y., Zhou, l., Wang, y. & 2017. Derivation and characterization of sheep bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells induced with telomerase reverse transcriptase. Saudi journal of biological sciences, 24 (3), 519-525.  

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