What's a Worm Hole (Wormhole)? Theories, facts, and expectations about the Wormhole

The universe is very broad. There are about 10 trillion galaxies in the universe, each galaksinya contains about 100 billion stars [1]. Amazing how can imagine the abundance of beautiful planets out there. Billions of planets floating in the darkness waiting for us to come there, making them the second place to live as if the Earth was gone not left. Either because it was hit by a meteor or destroyed by humans who love to dispute.

I wish we could ignore all the differences that exist among us and to work together on behalf of humanity, finding a new planet habitable is not difficult. It is more difficult than finding planets is how to go there. The distance is a problem. Gliese 581 d, Earth-like planet that is closest to our tatasurya the distance is already more than 20 light years [2]. This means that it takes more than 20 years for light to get to there. Moreover, our aircraft that its velocity is still very much below the speed of light, it would take much longer.

A hope: the worm Hole (wormhole)

Nature gives us hope. According to one of the named natural law theory of general relativity, there is an object that can serve as a tunnel intergalaktik. The tunnel named wormhole (wormhole). Although the name of this object but the wormhole has nothing to do with a hole or a worm. Wormhole is a structure in space-time that can link two distant regions in the universe. By using a wormhole, a journey that normally takes many thousands of light years away can be reached in a short time.

Wormhole is different from a black hole. The black hole is indeed absorb all the material and waves but the material and this wave not spewed out by a black hole somewhere in the universe. Objects that already goes into a black hole will be torn apart the atomic level and merges with the heart of a black hole. Meanwhile, things that went into the wormhole will pop up again somewhere in the universe.

The term wormhole is derived from the Apple analogy. Our universe is likened to the surface of an Apple and we likened as an Ant who can only walk on the surface of the apples.

Wormhole on apples

Suppose we want to go from one point to another. We certainly must be running in a curved path. But if we become a worm, then we could take Apple to produce a shorter new road. The ants eventually could use the road made by this worm in order to get to your destination faster. Scientists call this shortcut with the wormhole.

The concept of wormhole born accidentally in the hands of Einstein. Wormhole was not originally considered a shortcut connecting two distant places in the universe. In 1935, Einstein, along with Nathan Rosen attempt formulated the theory of fundamental particles (such as electrons) using the theory of general relativity. Einstein wanted to make his theory as a Theory of Everything, not only explains the theory of space and time but also everything that is in it, which of course is composed of fundamental particles. With complex mathematical analysis and complex, so the object known as the Einstein-Rosen bridge (Einstein-Rosen bridge). Unfortunately the attempt was unsuccessful. Einstein However, the remnants of this Einstein work did not vanish entirely. Einstein-Rosen bridge thus became the object of study of its own and now we call it with the name of the wormhole. [4].

False Hope?

In 1962 we are a little disappointed because the wormhole made it seems is just another false hope for intergalaktik travel dreams. In it, Fuller and Wheeler did further investigation and conclusion that the wormhole is apparently very unstable so there may be bypassed.

If the hole the worm appeared. then in a very short time he will close again, turns into a black hole. So before we got in, wormhole was closed again. Even if we tried to go as fast as we could, we would just be wedged in the mouth of the wormhole and disappear in the singularity (the heart of a black hole). [5]

the dynamics of wormhole

In order that the wormhole is not shut down again, we need to hold it in a manner give him negative material. Negative material is a material which has properties of anti-gravity. Negative material is not mutually attract each other but refused. The usual Apple will fall down if we're throwing apples but negative thus will continue to rise to the top. We've never seen this kind of object. I wish we could find a material negative then the wormhole can be bypassed. [6]

Negative material may indeed be making the wormhole can be skipped, but the only wormhole that already exist from the early IE since the birth of the universe. To create a new wormhole, we should be dealing with a bigger problem. If we want to create a shortcut from Earth to other galaxies then we should "tear up" the space and dial back (in mathematical language is changing the topology).

General theory of relativity did say that that space is flexible. Spaces can be curved, twisting, and can be wavy. But the space will not be torn down [7]. Thus, the theory of general relativity allow the wormhole to exist but does not allow for the wormhole is created.

There is still hope

History of the wormhole is the history of hope and disappointment. After being disappointed because the wormhole takes negative material to be bypassed as well as requiring a tear in space in order to be established, there is a glimmer of hope of quantum theory.

Quantum theory is opposed to the theory of general relativity. Theory of general relativity explains the objects are very large while quantum theory describes the objects are very small. The opposite turned out to be two theories could work together to solve a problem.

We did a negative material has never seen in everyday life, but the quantum theory States that negative material that exists. According to the quantum theory too, the Rip-Rips in space it is common in microscopic scale.

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So that there is a wormhole can be formed, but in a very small size [7]. We need to do "is simply" blow up the wormhole mini so that its size becomes large. Of course this is far from the reach of our current technology. In addition, we also do not yet know whether quantum theory allows us to make quite a lot of negative material [8]. Here is a video about how scientists make the wormhole in the laboratory.

Because of these difficulties, coupled with some other difficulties, many physicists were no longer hope to the wormhole. However, that does not mean there is no hope for interstellar travel. There is still hope other than such a wormhole warp drive. One thing is for sure, if we mutually destroy each other with war and hatred in that moment that we had no hope at all.



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