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5 Considerations Before Book A Hotel

book a hotel
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Hotels are always a great choice to stay at. We believe in the services that are offered by the hotel management. All of them consider what the visitors need and want. This is what Fullerton Hotel Singapore always does. You can read lots of reviews about Fullerton Hotel talks about something good for their visitors.

From my experiences, I’d like to share with you 5 factors in considering a booking hotel. I will make it short into five, so please take your note and remember what I am writing to you.

5 Factors Before Book A Hotel


Where the hotel takes place is the first consideration for me. I will choose the hotel which is near public services or the mall. Well, it depends on the purpose of my holiday. When I have a staycation, of course, I do not need any mall. I just need a whole day staying in my room. But, when I have a holiday for sightseeing in a famous city, I do need the ones near my hotel. In short, the place is important. That’s why I put it in number one.


The venue I mean here is the building. Specifically, a great design building that is suitable for my Instagram feed. LOL

I love taking pictures, so the design of the building is very important for me. Most of my friends tell me the same things. They said that a great venue is a magnet. My friends and I will come and pay for the view.


Some people will put service as the first consideration. Well, don’t get me wrong.

Number three doesn’t mean I do not care about service. It’s still in my top 5 list, isn’t it?

Different from number 2, venue service is a must. Each hotelier must think about it as I mentioned before. Thus, I put it in number three.

No wonder most visitors give comments and reviews on the services. Because it touches on a personal issue. Bad service will turn down the hotel of course. I consider the services they offer to me before booking a hotel.


What do we need from a hotel besides its services? Yes, we need additional facilities. Especially, when you come for an amazing staycation. You must need the whole facilities to let you explore everything in the hotel. I love the ones with private pools. What about you?


This is a common issue. Not a pricey hotel will win everything. Of course in line with the other factors as I have already mentioned above. Well, we know that there are several balances for everything you need. Good payment for a good thing, they said.

Don’t worry, just be happy. There is always a good deal for good things. When you are thinking of a great Fullerton Hotel Singapore with all of its great services, cool place, and lovely design, you can afford it at a special price.

I will tell you the secret. Go do your research on ‘Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers’.

Stttt…. It’s only between us. Have a great holiday!


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