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Face Transfer operation in the Film Ayat-Ayat Cinta 2, scientific or fiction?

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The central character of Ayat-Ayat Cinta 2 (from left to right) Aisha, Fahri, and Hulya

In the film Ayat-Ayat Cinta 2 release on December 21, 2017, there are scenes of the existence of a transfer operation faces from face Hulya who have died to the face of Democracy. The second is the wife of Hulya Fahri died stabbed by Bahadur, while Aisha who was the first wife of Fahri suffer disabilities face for refusing to be raped by tantara Israel. In the film is told that the transfer operation carried out in the face of the famous Hospital of Europe manage to, face Hulya cut then transferred to Aisha's face. Aisha wears the face of Hulya. However, whether the transfer of the face can really do in real life (scientific) or only fictional?

The answer is transfer/face transplant surgery can indeed be done, but the faces of recipients as well can not be replaced 100% by the donor's face as it did on the film Ayat-Ayat Cinta 2.

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Connie Culp face transfer operations (left) before the surgery (right) After surgery [1] [3]

Of the many operations of the transfer/face transplant surgery, Connie Culp's most extensive (has been done almost 30 times before the transfer operation operating face) and is almost total face transplant operation (80%) of the first in the United States [1]. Face transfer operations done Connie Culp on December 10, 2008, a 45-year-old mother underwent surgery face transfer for 22 hours at the Cleveland Clinic United [1]. Connie Culp's face destroyed by being shot by her own husband at a distance of approximately 2.5 meters, causing very severe damage on the nose, Chin, mouth, cheeks, upper jaw, palate, right eye, eyelid and some bones of the face. In addition to her face was destroyed, with the damage so severe that Connie Culp also difficulty to speak, eat, smell, and breathe through the nose [2].


Transfer: (left) Faces Anna Kasper donates his face because died of a heart attack (right) Connie Culp's face after receiving from Anna Kasper [3]

Physicians face transfer to perform Connie Culp from a donor named Anna Kasper. Anna Kasper died of a heart attack by the age that is only coincidentally 14 months with Connie Culp. And the most important is the existence of a match blood type and skin color. Both also have had children and grandchildren.


Connie Culp in the Oprah show. Now at the age of 54 years, Connie Culp has been able to live with normal [4]

A year after surgery, a blood vessel network of donors has been fused with the blood vessels in the tissue recipients as well, consequently Connie Culp can smell back, smile, and feel a sense of eating his food, as well as breathe belalui nose [5]. Current age Conie Culp has reached 54 years and live happily together with two children and her grandchildren.

Back to the film Ayat-Ayat Cinta 2, so the transfer operations of the face in the Film Ayat-Ayat Cinta is a mixture of scientific and fiction. 



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