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The origin of "mass" according to the PHYSICS of glasses, why is there a particle that Has Mass (e.g. an electron) and why some are Not (e.g. photons)

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= Mass of the giver of the particle the Higgs particle

By Abdallah Nur Siddiq-according to physics, the Higgs particle that cause mass effects. The Higgs particle is taken from the name of the person who first formulate, Peter w. Higgs.

In simple terms, the Higgs particle contained in an object mass (more precisely is the Higgs particle interacting with something so something that has mass, as you will know after reading this article).  Before we discuss more about the Higgs particle, our understanding will be greatly helped by knowing the Higgs field. What is a Higgs field?

The Particle The Higgs Boson Equation Equation

equation 4 becomes a stepping stone in my theory the Higgs particle

(Journal can be downloaded in Attachment drier in the bottom of this article)

When the equation-the persaman tried to make a Scientist, visualized the parable. In this article it will be visualized the simplest way to understand the Higgs particle, i.e. with the parable of the snow field.

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