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Get Acquainted with Beautiful Cockroach Species

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There are so many people who believe that one of the most frightening things in the world isA�flying cockroachesA�.A�What if the following cockroaches are flying?A�Perhaps your fears will change after getting acquainted with these beautiful elegant cockroaches.

Classified in the ordoA�Blattodea,A�A�cockroach consists of approximately 3,500 species species, there are even aboutA�4,500A�speciesA�claimedA�.A�What we usually find in kitchens, bathrooms, and other disgusting places is just one of 4500 species of cockroaches, cockroaches that have the Latin nameA�A�Periplaneta americanaA�A�or American cockroaches.

The issue of cockroaches is currently on the rise after being investigated as a prototype of rescue robots and super foods.A�Chosen cockroaches as a rescue robot because cockroaches can enter and run quickly on a gap that is only half of his height.A�In addition, cockroaches can withstand the force force applied to their body up toA�900x of their body weight without injuring cockroachesA�.A�As for super foods, cockroaches are predicted to be super foods in the future because they contain fats, sugars, amino acids / protein and other nutrientsA�four times moreA�than cow milk nutrition.

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Well, here are 6 beautiful and beautiful species of cockroaches based on the author’s version.A�Actually there are so many species of cockroaches are beautiful and beautiful, but here only introduced 6 of them.

1. Cockroaches that resemble ladybirds with the scientific nameA�A�ProsoplectaA�A�sp.

These roaches can be found in the Philippines.A�Notice the long antenna, that is what distinguishes this type of cockroaches with ladybirds.A�So do not misunderstand yes.A�Source:A�A�

2. Cockroaches are bright blue like clouds or calledA�NeotropicalA�cockroachesA�,A�have a scientific nameA�A�Xestoblatta cantralli

These cockroaches can be found in Costa Rica, the golden yellow line at the edges of his body adds to the beauty of these cockroaches.A�Source:A�roachforum.comA�

3. Cockroaches with white spheres on the surface of its black wings, also known as domino roaches.A�It has a scientific nameA�A�therea petiveriana.

This cockroach can be found in India, after seeing this cockroach so want to play domino huh?A�Source:A�

4. Cockroaches are green like leaf, also known asA�green bananaA�cockroachesA�A�.A�It has a scientific nameA�A�Panchlora nivea

This cockroach can be found in America.A�Even to the legs are also green.A�Source:A�A�bugguide.netA�

5. Colorful cockroaches, hard to describe with words.A�Also calledA�A�Taiwanese flower roachA�and has a scientific nameA�A�Eucorydia aenea.

These roaches can be found in Taiwan.A�Seeing the color of its wings, it seems like this kind of cockroaches can also glow as night.A�Source:A�A�

6. Cockroaches without wings and colored, have a scientific nameA�A�Polyzosteria mitchelli

Cockroaches of this type can be found in Australia.A�See even his legs are also colored.A�Source:A�

That’s the six species of cockroaches that are beautiful and beautiful by the author.A�What number species do you think are the most beautiful?A�Or do you have a version of a beautiful cockroach species yourself?A�Please write in the comment field.

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