The sophistication of the Robot Robotics Agility of Cassie

Talk about the world of Robotics will not be endless, finished discussing one robot appears again a new version of the robot which is more sophisticated than other companies. This time the writer will discuss advanced robot named “Cassie” from the company Agibility Robotics. Cassie’s robots originally designed by DRL (Dynamic Robotics Lab), robotics program at the College of Engineering, OSU (Oregon State University), United States. Later development into a later version of Cassie is designed, built, and supported by Agility Robotics.


Robot Cassie from Agility Rrobotics

The first version of Cassie’s robot developed to scale research at laboratotium, including Dynamic Robotics Lab, used for research and learn the latest ways to control robot legs. Robot Cassie physically have a very impressive agility, with the development of the control system on the ability of hard to do on previous experimental robot[1].

Agility is a Robotics company (startup) that is set in Albany, Oregondan and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania[2]. The company was built by three of its founder namely Damion Shelton (CEO and co-founder), Jonathan Hurst (CTO and co-founder), and Mikhail Jones (Chief Engineer and co-founder)[3]. The company already has some of the first customers, licensing some technologies first developed at OSU, and planning on building upon the natural properties of animals (walking, standing, etc.) in the product research and development they wake up.

Jonathan Hurst founder Agility Robotics says: “if we really understand how to apply the distance capable in control dynamically (balanced human-like walking), it will be a lot of applications that can be applied by robotic Cassie as the process Search and rescue, the exoskeleton (order the Agency to humans), the false leg, and the delivery of the package.[4] “

Cassie was still in the form of robots away and haven’t had the other members such as the hands and the head. The future according to delivered by Jonathan Hurst (CTO and co-founder) and the sensor arm that will soon be installed. This will allow for Cassie to be able to wake up or stand upright on its own again after a fall, and they also work on telepresence VR (Virtual Reality)[5].

Cassie’s robot designed and built like a machine that truly agile, efficient, and capable of handling a very dynamic maneuvers. Mechanical design is the most important part in the company’s Agility Robotics with consideration of the interaction between passive Dynamics generated by the hardware (hardware, body robot) and control software (software program). The process of designing robots Cassie in ilhami of morphology and behavior of animals to make appropriate design on the robot. While the control system on robot created by designing the system control based on a foundation of scientific traits in animals, the expectation can be more agile, efficient, and resilience (stable like animals).

Legged robots of this sort has the advantages that can be run on a rough terrain the Rocky or smooth terrain such as the sandy soil. More-legged robot has many advantages from on the wheels of robot that his movement will be limited to just smooth terrain. The application of this robot will be used for research-based machine, military robotics, telepresence, remote sensing, search and rescue, delivery of the package and courier service[3]. 

Here is a video of the robot Robotics Agility of Cassie,


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