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The potential of renewable energy in some countries started to be utilized optimally. China, USA and India is the country's most cutting-edge in utilizing renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind, and water. In addition to these three countries, European countries such as the United Kingdom (the UK includes four countries namely United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland), Germany and the Netherlands took part in a race to increase the use of renewable energy as an energy source electricity. In the report "Wind Energy in Europe: Outlook to 2020", European countries are planning to build a wind power plant on land (onshore) and offshore (offshore). The total installed power generation capacity of wind power in Germany until the year 2017 is 2.9 Gigawatt (GW) consisting of 2.3 GW GW 0.6 on land and offshore. The UK ranks second with a total installed capacity of 1.7 GW consisting of 1.2 GW on land and 0.5 GW of offshore [1]. >>> 

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Scientific explanation on the case of Jennifer Dunn are hard to escape from bondage, Drugs

Since December 31, 2017, the infotainment Indonesia busy broadcasting the terciduknya artist named Jennifer Dunn or commonly called Jedun. Jedun Polda Metro Jaya picked up because of Drug case stumbled back. Before Jedun already entangled drug cases in 2005 at a time when the age Jedun is still 15 years, continued in 2009 when he was only 19 years old which resulted in the detention of bars up to 2012 [1]. >>> 

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Is It True That Nuclear Radiation Can Cause Infertility?

Misconceptions about science and nuclear engineering Indonesia in a society already relatively acute. One of them is related to nuclear radiation, which in this case is the gamma radiation. As if in any dose of gamma radiation can cause infertility until genetic defect. To prove the statement, Warstek did a poll via Instagram story with the question "what is nuclear radiation can cause infertility?". Obtained data 254 people (82%) answered "Yes" and 57 people (18%) answered "no". When generalized, from 5 people then 4 people would state that nuclear can cause infertility and only 1 person that said no. >>> 

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CRISPR – Sophisticated Gene Editing Tool

The Finding Stories Of CRISPR

A group of researchers from Japan, Ishino et al., reported in  1987 the finding of the unknown arrangement (sequences) which infiltrated among the DNA of Escherichia coli, which genetic material is not property of E. coli. However, Ishino et. al does not do the characterization of the nature of the genetic found. E. coli is normally found in the large intestine of human or animals that also play a role in maintaining digestive health.  In other part of the world,  in Costa Blanca, Spain, the arrangement of a DNA sequence that is not recognized in Haloferax mediterranei  in 1989 – a bacteria lives in the environment of high levels of salt, was observed by Francisco Mojica which led him to research deeper with the thought that the presence of genetic material that is not recognized is surely indicated an important function on the prokaryotic organisms (organisms without cell membranes[8]). >>> 

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Finally a human head Transplant Operations will be performed December 2017

Human head Transplant operations will be performed December 2017

The success of the transplant test head mouse that has been performed on a few months ago, will now be back performed with a human head. The head transplant has been carried out is still just a trial stage. A human head that is used as the object of observation is the head of the corpse in the operation into the body of another dead body. The operation is run by using the span of 18 hours in the lead by dr. Sergio Canavero>>> 

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