Arli Aditya Parikesit, scientist Initiator NiBTM (Episode 3)

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This article was written based on the results of interviews with writers Arli Aditya Parikesit.

In the first episode entitled “the Pearl of Indonesia” has been told about achievement, achievement, masterpieces, as well as large a figure young Arli vision. Sharp made it Intuisinya practicing IT so much that he became an expert in Bioinformatics at once a pioneer of NiBTM (Nano-neuroimmunobiotechnomedicine) together with his colleague, Dito Anurogo (writer) and Midshipman Pledge.

In the second episode titled “another first, Else now” has been told about the process of discovery of identity at once pendewasaan characters, various hobbies and habits unique to that owned by the figure of Arli Aditya Parikesit.

The Third Episode Of “Towering, Upheld The Tradition”

Arli Aditya Parikesit

Idolize BJ Habibie

The first child of three brothers recognizes if a character is a local favourite. In a sense, still a son of the nation of Indonesia. Arli so admire BJ Habibie. The reason is simple. B.J. Habibie consistently promote how important the role of science-technology to the public. While serving as Minister to become President, science-technology has always been the main agenda of development in Indonesia.

Indeed cannot be denied, a great many observers who criticize, even denouncing political sepak-terjang BJ Habibie. But the less successful observers understand, that without the mastery of science – technology that is tough, Indonesia won’t be able to do anything in the global era. B.J. Habibie is one of the characters, which even now, always consistent at every opportunity encouraged the younger generation to deepen science-technology, in order to build the nation of Indonesia. As, the sound of his speech he was very expressive, always pushing for dedicated Arli conscience develop science-technology in the interest of the nation of Indonesia. In addition to B.J. Habibie, father of Soraya Libby Indiane also say if the Ir. And John f. Kennedy also figures his idols. For scientists, the Arli considers his idol Albert Einstein as a scientist.

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Husband of Merry Magdalena argues that mastery of science and technology originated from the traditions of literacy, i.e. hobbies reading, writing, discussion, berdialektika, experimenting, doing observation and innovation in different fields. This tradition of literacy needs to ditumbuhkembangkan at early stages. One way i.e. started from parents. Parents who like storytelling or recite the story or the story of nuanced religious before her son sleep, believed capable of menumbuhkembangkan the imagination of the child. This is a simple example of a tradition of literacy.

Berotak Germany, With Indonesia

The original nature of the Arli is introvert, so tend to be very selective in the associate. One of the properties of people Germany is zuruckhalten. This can be translated as introvert and selective in hanging out. Never with strangers, with the people of Germany himself was very selective in hanging out. Zuruckhalten indeed are inseparable from their culture. Well, in a society with a culture like that, Arli can easily adapt and integrate.

No one is harassing or disparaging if Arli busy with himself. This condition is very different from the atmosphere the Association in Indonesia. In Germany, the people tend to be very be stoic with others. It can receive, Arli, because he also is not much different with them. They also do not care about the privacy of others. In contrast to Indonesia, which tends to like to ask things privacy.

It’s not because of living in Germany, Arli became ‘ contaminated ‘ their culture, so there can be people that Indonesia ‘ good ‘. It’s not that. However, a long way once before her set foot in Germany, even far once before that Germany knew where, Arli already animates zuruckhalten. Parents, younger sister, and wife of Arli already know this. Indeed from the initially characteristic Arli zuruckhalten. It’s also not that educated, Western-style Arli or Germany, because in fact the second sister Arli has properties that are very different from himself. Her siblings tend to be extroverted. Although the nature of the original is not much different with those of Germany, Arli keep love Indonesia.

Blood group AB man is born and raised in Indonesia. Arli has always hoped to contribute the best for his homeland. This statement is not a cliche, because her believe Indonesia is still more things positive, rather than negative.

Very impressed with the personal arli BJ Habibie and his late wife BJ Habibie (Ainun), which despite decades living in Germany, but still loves Indonesia wholeheartedly.

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Aside from being a chemist and researcher, interested in pop music, it turns out to be a talented writer as well. Proven by reached first place on the utilization of writing contest open system software/Open Source Software (OSS) in 2009, organized by the Ministry of research & technology. Want to know the secret of success in tips or stringing words and concocted the idea?

Writing research & technology award was made would be kebosanannya because the deliberations of Arli technically an sich without end in the world of IT. Arli saw that most IT experts only purely technical IT discusses, for example, discuss the matter network, hacking, programming, and so on. They do not associate and develop it with the other sciences. It causes us to be easily trapped inside the box and running in place.

Interested in the color blue has been proposed to practitioners of Open Source, how to Open Source it could be made more ‘ gaul ‘. Arli also hope, that the IT companies also sell ‘ lifestyle ‘ and design. IT also seyogianya has a product that is identical to the lifestyle and social reasons young Executive. According to Arli, IT is not just a technical affair, or ‘ science for science ‘, but also concerning lifestyle and everyday intercourse.

Interested in the fried rice and es teler is pleased to be able to associate the social aspect with IT. The spirit of multidisplin and multidimensional is what has always been the ‘ Commander ‘ in any of his writings. Although often criticised and reviled, because considered ‘ contaminate the purity of science ‘, but the road still continues, Arli himself believes that science must be social in nature. Arli has always rejected and opposed the supposition, that science-technology ‘ asocial ‘ or anti-social, which berkonsekuensi that a scientist does not need to be concerned with the socio-cultural-societal affairs.

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Uniquely, Arli doesn’t believe that science was ‘ free ‘. Natural sciences, engineering and mathematics, it is not free of values, and its development is a reflection of the dynamics of the society in time. This can be seen in the United States in the era of the cold war. They are investing heavily in the field of space science and technology (NASA), because it has ideological mission to stem communism of the Soviet Union, who managed to establish a space probe angkasanya in advance. So the competition of science-technology space two countries highly viscous ideological aspects. Believing that science’s ‘ value-free ‘ is incredibly naive. (To be continued – dr. Dito Anurogo, M.Sc.)



There is no conflict of interest in kepenulisan this inspiring story.

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Get to know the CPA on the packaging of Food Products and their impact on Health

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Have you ever heard the term CPA? Has thought of the chemical components that inadvertently we consume? Even our pets come into consumption.

Bisphenol A or BPA with abbreviated became one of the major research topics in recent years because it is well known that BPA has estrogenic activity. Oestrogenic activity is activity resembles the activity of in vitro and/or in vivo of natural estrogen. CPA is a component of the resin contained in almost all cans good for human food or animal food (petfood). BPA is a chemical compound produced by the condensation of acetone synthesis with two equivalents of phenol. These compounds are used to produce a particular plastic packaging and epoxy resin (Beynen 2017), and is often found on food packaging and beverage cans. A survey conducted recently by Liao and Kannan Monday (2013, 2014) in the United States and China mentioned that food cans contain BPA usually with higher concentrations compared to food packaged in glass, paper or plastic (Cunha et al. 2017).

BPA is dangerous if taken as it can affect hormone regulatory process. Small amounts of BPA consumption would increase hormonal disease progression (Beynen 2017). Hormonal diseases have symptoms that are quite complex because it directly influences the physiological functions of the body or some other. This is pretty much a hormonal diseases related to disorders of endocrine glands function. The last few years, it is known that there is a relationship between some endocrine disease with exposure to BPA in humans. BPA can cause decreased ovarian response and the success of in vitro fertilization. Exposure to BPA can also lower sperm quality in men and the occurrence of changes in the female reproductive system. In children, BPA can damage the development of the nervous system. Further note that the CPA is also associated with metabolime disease such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular, liver function changes, obesity, albuminaria, and oxidative stress (Cunha et al. 2017). CPA is also known to negatively affect pets who eat canned food. The results of the latest studies mention that the CPA proved to be thyroid related diseases (hyperthyroidism) in cats (Beynen 2017).

CPA is considered harmful to health because there is a possible illicit compounds that migrate from the inside coating of packaging to the food product itself due to heat treatment.

Currently several companies already require suppliers of canning Tin to not use BPA in cans that their production. Consumers began to understand the dangers of BPA so that some consumers have added BPA-free specifications on products they have requested.  The European Commission has set a tolerable daily intake (TDI) for BPA i.e. 4 µ g/kg body weight (EFSA 2015), while the maximum daily amount that can be accepted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are 50 µ g/kg (FDA 2008). The EU Commission also set a limit on the amount of BPA that are allowed to migrate from packaging into food, commonly known by the migration limit. The migration limit of 0.6 mg/kg (CR EU 2011).


  • Beynen a. 2017. BPA in canned petfood. Creature Companion (2017): 33-34.
  • [CR EU 2011] Commission Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 of 14 January 2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.
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  • CEF Panel of EFSA (EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids) (2015). Scientific Opinion on the risks to public health related to the presence of bisphenol A (BPA) in foodstuffs: Executive summary. EFSA Journal, 13 (3978), 23.
  • 2008-FDA Draft assessment of bisphenol A for use in food contact applications.
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Canned Fish Products why Has the power to save the old one at room temperature?

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Many have assumed that canned fish products is not healthy because it has a very long expiration periods, i.e. three (3) years with the condition of fish bone that is already soft. When in fact, consuming fish cans not harmful to health as long as consumers are not allergic to fish and medium are used such as soya oil. Canned fish itself has a complete nutritional content such as protein, vitamins, and minerals [1]. The content of these nutrients can be seen on the nutrition fact stated on the packaging.

One issue is incorrect about the ever growing fish cans was the use of preservatives to prolong the store at room temperature. There is a scientific explanation about it, where the power save product order resulting from the process is commonly referred to by sterilization. Sterilization is a process of food processing that use high temperature for a specified time by using a specific pressure. The purpose of the sterilization process is killing microbes (bacteria) and bacterial spores are inactivated toxin or toxic can cause a canker on the product so that the product can save time extended.

The method of sterilization process was first performed in the year 1810 by Nicolas Appert with the goal of reducing the use of sugar, salt, and vinegar as a preservative because it affects the taste and quality of the product [2]. Conventional sterilization process conducted first by Nicholas Appert is by inserting the food into the glass bottle is then heated in boiling water. The heat generated from the boiling water will kill the microbes that are found in food products. With the demise of pembusuk microbes that exist in the product, then the process of decay can be inhibited and power save product will become longer.

Commercially sterile food products: the condition is achieved by the application of heat or combined with other appropriate treatment, to make meals free from microorganisms that are able to grow in food transportation and storage conditions on room temperature.

Sterilization process also can not be done haphazardly. Determination of temperature and time of sterilization is performed by experts who are experts in their field commonly referred to with the competent authority. There are conditions of time and temperature required to produce products that are commercially sterile.  Is a commercial product is sterile are not really zero bacteria, but only free of bacterial pembusuk that was able to grow at room temperature [3]. If the product is totally sterile as it is wont to do in the medical world, then the product cannot be sold because of the structure and appearance of the product will be destroyed. That is why it is referred to as commercial, where sterile products are safely consumed and also has value.

Sterilization process in addition to extend power save product, also affects the structure of the product itself. As already mentioned earlier, the process of sterilasi is identical to the use of high temperature at a certain pressure during a specified time. This causes a change in the structure of the meat and bones of the fish becomes more tender. So, the issue of which States that the product of sardines and canned tuna using preservatives is wrong. The only source is a preservative used in products like tomato paste is also a medium products. Tomato paste function to provide an atmosphere of sour in the product so that it can inhibit the growth of bacteria. The use of the tomato paste doesn't negatively impact health, because it basically is concentrated tomato paste tomatoes that have already discarded seeds and the Peel is then processed to form the juice and given an additional thickener and stabilised by the addition of stabilizer.



[1] the United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service, National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 28.  2016. Basic report: 15089, fish, sardine, pacific, canned in tomato sauce, drained solids with bone.

[2] Awuah GB, Ramaswamy HS Economides, a. 2007. Thermal processing and quality: principles and overview. Chemical Engineering and Processing 46 (2007): 584-602.

[3] CAC/RCP 23-1979. Code of hygienic practice for low and acidified low acid canned foods.

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