This is Explanation of Leaking Facebook User Data to Cambridge Analityca

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In early April 2018, we were surprised by the leaked news 87 million personal dataA�facebookA�usersA�.A�All the world’s media directly highlight to Mark Zuckerberg as CEO ofA�Facebook.A�Many media questioned the validity of the news and Mark calmly justified it.

Suddenly governments in various countries directly melakulan investigation whether there is personal data leaked citizens, not least the Ministry of Communications and Information of the Republic of Indonesia.A�Rudiantara as the Minister of Communications and Information has called the representatives ofA�FacebookIndonesia to provide more details related to leakage of user data.A�In addition, Facebook is also required to conduct a digital forensic audit to know which accounts are leaked data.

InfographicA�FacebookA�scandalA�andA�Cambridge Analitica,A�A�Facebook stock prices even dropped after the case (Source:A�A�Tempo.coA�).

This leak is in the background behind aA�FacebookA�dealA�withA�Global Science ResearchA�to allow third-party apps to collect thousands of user data under the guise of academic research.A�But apparently they violate the permission that is deliberately taking data millions of users based on friendship onA�FacebookA�for sale illegally toA�Cambridge Analytica.A�The sale of user data is “suspected” to be ammunition to win Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.A�This form of ammunition can be the spread of rumors, false rumors, andA�hoaxesA�to influence the emotions and political choices, especially American citizens.

Indonesia became one of the countries with the third highest number of leaks that reached more than 1 million data.A�While the United States alone ranks first with more than 70 million accounts data is leaked.A�But until now, the Facebook has not to say exactly what any data leaked into the hands ofA�Cambridge AnaliticaA�.

List of country ratings whose user data is leaked toA�Cambridge AnaliticaA�.A�

Minister of Communications and Informatics Rudiantara threatened to temporarily suspendA�A�FacebookA�A�due to recent reports that he received that the fate of one million Indonesian users who leaked from Facebook never received.A�”I have the right to suspend the temporary operation,” Rudiantara said on Monday (9/4).A�Rudiantara give grace until Thursday (12/4) but until now there has been no definite news from the Kominfo whether Facebook will be suspended or not.A�On that occasion Rudiantara also complained about quiz applications from third parties on Facebook he can still find.A�Whereas in his meeting with representatives of Facebook on Friday (6/4) then, the removal of quiz applications from third parties became the main demand Rudiantara.

Parties Facebook Indonesia when meeting calls from Menkominfo Rudiantara (Source:A�CNN Indonesia).

Pak Rudiantara also suggested that netizens in Indonesia fasting medsos.A�The appeal was conveyed in response to the issue of a Facebook account’s private data leak byA�Cambridge AnalyticaA�.A�The basis of the suggestion of ‘fasting medsos’ is that if there is no added value, then he appealed to people not to use social media first.A�”IsA�A�notA�A�that okay?A�Unless it is very necessary and already aware of the potential danger, go ahead, “he said.

According to Expert Staff of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Division Henri Subiakto,A�FacebookA�can be blocked if it endangers elections, election and election.A�This is not independent of the case of data leakedA�FacebookA�usersA�in Indonesia.A�”If it is dangerous, say endanger the elections or presidential election or Legislative 2019 or 2018 elections we blocked,” said Henri.

According to forensic digital expert Ruby Alamsyah, there has been no significant impact from the leaking of millions of Facebook user data due to the low level ofA�security awarenessA�.A�Usually the effect of such an event is only felt if it has led to criminal acts.

To overcome this problem, Ruben Hattari asA�A�Public Policy Lead Facebook IndonesiaA�said that Facebook has made efforts by contacting the account affected by the leak of user data through a notification titled “Protect Your Information”.A�The notifications contain links to see what apps users use and what data the app can access.A�Each user can close the access manually.

Display notifications onA�Newsfeed.A�If your account data is stolen, then the content of the notification is like the right illustration.A�But if your data is safe, then the notification will be like the left illustration.A�(Source:A�tribunnews.comA�)

On the user settings page, cancellation of access or removal of applications and websites connected to the account in question.A�FacebookA�encourages all users to monitor the list of apps to prevent additional data leakage.

Amid leaks of 87 million data and possible misuse of the leak,A�Cambridge AnalyticaA�issued an official statement on its website Monday (9/4) which is as follows:

  1. Cambridge Analytica saidA�no law was violated.A�Because they do not hackA�Facebook.A�There is a research company that isA�A�General Science ResearchA�A�(GSR) that provides data license to Facebook.A�”A�Cambridge AnalyticaA�does not violateA�Federal Election CommissionA�A�(FE)A�regulationsA�A�” wroteA�Cambridge AnalyticaA�A�on its website.
  2. Cambridge AnalyticaA�does not use GSR data or derivatives from such data in US Presidential Election.A�CA uses data from the A�A�Republican National CommitteeA�, data from public sources such as voter registration, data from commercial data brokers, and research they collect themselves with clear consent statements.A�”The claim that we are using GSR data for Trump campaigns is simply not true.A�Cambridge Analytica provides digital polling, data analysis, and marketing for Trump campaigns, “he said.
  3. Cambridge AnalyticaA�revealed it did not work at all on the Brexit Referendum.A�They subcontracted some of the digital marketing in the United States and some Canadian company developers that have no connection with CA.
  4. CA saw Christopher Wylie not a reporter.A�He repeatedly claimed to be the founder ofA�Cambridge AnalyticaA�.A�In fact he is a contractor for ElectionA�Strategic Communication LaboratoriesA�(SCL) and leaves in mid 2014.
  5. Cambridge Analytica andA�Strategic Communication LaboratoriesA�A�are different companies.A�Cambridge AnalyticaA�is an independent United States entity that works with SCL Election as an affiliate to serve the North American political market
  6. CA conducts independent, third party audits to show that they do not have any GSR data.A�They said they would share the results of this investigation immediately after receiving the results.
  7. Cambridge Analytica has worked closely with the Office of the British Information Commission (ICO).A�They have been communicating with ICO since February 2017, when CA hosted in London.A�CA undertakes this cooperation to provide total transparency on the data they hold, how they process it, and the legal basis for processing it.
  8. Cambridge Analytica is a politically neutral company.A�”Globally, we work across the mainstream political spectrum,” he said.

On the other hand there is also a point of leakage of Facebook data affected by Brexit.A�Facebook suspended the platform of Canadian election consultancy firmA�Aggregate IQA�A�(AIQ) due to misusing Facebook user data to influence the poll results whether the UK exit from the European Union or not.A�The company is allegedly affiliated withA�Cambridge AnaliticaA�.A�Both companies allegedly shared property agreements and intellectual services.A�This is as revealed by theA�whistleblowerA�Christopher Wylie who claimed to have been a master researcher SCL Group owned byA�Cambridge AnalyticaA�.

A�AIQ is claimed to participate in the winning of voting in the referendum of Brexit (British Exit) from the EU membership in 2016.A�Currently, the case is being investigated by Canadian security authorities.A�Authorities suspect a violation of privacy laws.A�The British authorities are investigating the case to investigate AIQ involvement illegally with pro-Brexit groups.A�But AIQ refused to be associated with SCL, the company that also overseesA�Cambridge AnalyticaA�said “AIQ 100 percent owned and operated in Canada, never and not part ofA�Cambridge AnalyticaA�and SCL”.

In spite of the leak of data that shook the world, people are encouraged to be moreA�awareA�in terms of privacy and not tempted by interesting prizes quiz on Facebook or on other sites that require the user or user Facebook fills his personal identity.A�Unfortunately, most people prefer their activities, political orientations, hobbies, or personal things to many people in social media, they consider such activities to be reasonable andA�fineA�.A�So, be wise in using social media!


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China’s “Tiangong-1” Space Station Falls in the South Pacific Ocean

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Tiangong-1 is a prototype of China’s first state-owned space station. Tiangong-1 is literally interpreted as “Heavenly Palace 1”. The station was launched on September 29, 2011 by boarding a rocket unmanned Long March 2F / G owned by China itself.

Tiangong-1 began to orbit at low Earth orbit (LEO) with a height of about 217 miles (350 km) above the earth, starting from September 2011 to April 2018. The orbit owned by Tiangong-1 is slightly lower than the International Space Station much higher that is with an average height of 250 miles (400 km) above the earth’s surface.

The Chinese station has a mission to assist China in mastering the technology necessary to assemble and operate the bona fide space station in Earth orbit to be carried out in early 2020. [1] [2]

The Tiangong-1 illustrations that rub against Earth’s atmosphere then burn and break into pieces until they fall into the South Pacific Ocean [2]

Before falling to Earth, Tiangong-1 during its two years of operation (2011 to 2013) has been visited for 3 times. The first in November 2011 was visited by the Shenzhou 8 unmanned aircraft and successfully docked with the Tiangong-1 module. The second mission in June 2012 was to bring the crew on the Shenzhou spacecraft 9 and successfully docked as well. The third and final mission, In June 2013 using Shenzhou 10 aircraft which is a manned mission and also managed to dock. The manned missions China sent to Tiangong-1 were well known for sending two of China’s first female astronauts Wang Yaping and Liu Yang [1].

Wang Yaping (left) and Liu Yang (right), 2 Chinese first female astronauts who are out of space.

After about 6 more years Tiangong-1 was in space, on April 1, 2018 at exactly 20:16 pm EDT (April 2 at 07:16 WIB) finally fell to earth precisely in the South Pacific Ocean. The Chinese Space Station prototype shattered and burned as it rubbed against Earth’s atmosphere. The satellite’s fall time was confirmed by the American Air Components Command (JFSCC) Agency. Air Force Officials of the US Air Force Space Command (JFSCC) Agency say they use Space Observer sensors and orbital analysis systems to confirm the fall of Tiangong-1 [2] [3].

Before it falls to Earth and enters the atmosphere, Tiangong-1 is like a school bus and has a mass of 9 tons (9000 kg). Then scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Space Agency of the United States (NASA) said that Tianggong 1 debris as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere is not burned and will landed on Earth. The general warning from space scientists says that: Never touch anything that is considered part of Tiangong-1 . This is because the remains of objects from outer space are easily contaminated with toxic rocket fuel called hydrazine [3].

The fall of Tiangong-1 to the surface of the earth has become an important issue for the space world and is quite a debate between China and the world, including debates with other international space agencies such as NASA and ESA. The most important point of the debate is whether Tiangong-1 when falling to the earth under control or not.

Dean Cheng who is a senior researcher at the Heritage Foundation and an expert staff for China’s space program says that “China insists on saying that Tiangong-1 is under control and China is very unhappy when people say that Tiangong-1 is called uncontrollable” [2] 3].

A few months before the fall of Tiangong-1, many space scientists from all over the World vied to detect the existence and location of the fall. One of them is the two scientists from the University of Arizona Visnu Reddy (assistant professor of planetary science) and Tanner Cambell (graduate students of mechanical and aerospace engineering) participated in tracking the existence of Tiangong-1 using their own optical sensor. Detection is done for four months with a research fund worth $ 1,500 US dollars or equivalent to Rp. 20 million rupiah. The optical sensors they make are used to detect / track objects that are in low orbit ( low Earth orbit ) [4].

Optical sensor to detect objects in low orbit made by 2 scientists from the University of Arizona [4]

We need to know that Tiangong-1 is not the first man-made space to ever fall to Earth. In March 2001, a Soviet / Russian space station called “Mir” with a mass of 140 tons, fell under control to the earth in the Pacific Ocean. Then the NASA-owned space shuttle that has a mass of 100 tons on February 1, 2003, also fell to the surface of the earth because it exploded to kill 7 astronauts [2].

Here is a Chinese Youtube ISS video (Tiangong-1) that crashed and burned upon entering Earth’s atmosphere which the author took from the ViralVideoLab Youtube channel


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Whether Fingerprints Can Be Lost?

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A fingerprint is a sign that there is in every human being that distinguishes one human and another. According to KBBI, fingerprinting is a recording of a finger or thumb is every human being there is not the same. But have you guys are having problems in fingerprints? For example Your fingerprints difficult detected or maalah is missing? Could it happen?

The result image for prints

Fingerprints are damaged. Source: 

Before discussing the loss of fingerprints, let's discuss in advance what it prints

The prints have a highly influential function for human beings. However, the main function of fingerprint friction enhancer that is as when holding an object object and effective identification of an individual.

With the presence of fingerprints, a person can hold objects more closely. That's why someone who lost fingerprinted vulnerable if holding the slippery objects like glass. The glass could fall if there is no other hand menyangganya.

Second, fingerprints can be used to find out the identity of a person. That is because each person has a unique fingerprint, not exactly the same as everyone else. Even between one finger with the other fingers have different even though fingerprints in one hand. [1]

Who are some who study fingerprints?

Fingerprints (fingerprint) is a "pure" Science police. Students studying the prints so for police identification or investigation in a case of completing the crime. Fingerprint is actually the thickened skin thinning and form a "Ridge" on your fingers that form a pattern, fingerprints will not be lost to a dead and rotting, scrapes or scratches usually cuts – at the time of the skin the switch will form the same pattern. Unless the skin suffered severe burns.

Fingerprints can be used for disclosure of a crime, for example of latent fingerprints (fingerprinting using chemical powders) of goods items at the CRIME SCENE, or goods – goods that are used for "crimes" such as a pistol, the tang of the knife, screwdriver etc.

Remember you at the time of making the Affidavits police records (SKCK)??? That is a valuable source of data for the police to search for data in order to compare fingerprints at the crime scene with fingerprints of people – people we suspect. [3]

The cause of the loss of fingerprints

In this world, there is a man who suffered from the disorder adermatoglyphia disorder which has no fingerprints [2]. Then how difficult it is to live without fingerprints? Someone who has no fingerprints will meet obstacles or difficulties in taking care of the ID card, passport, driver's license, including access doors and gadgets that use fingerprints as a security system.

Fingerprint experts from Inafis (Indonesia Automatic Fingerprint Indentification System) Police Tri Sila says fingerprints truly are harder lost, except for the skin on the fingers of a human being is completely lost. [4]

According to dr. Gustaaf Kusno, there are two causes of the loss of fingerprints, i.e. genetic and nongenetik. If the cause is not a genetic disorder, fingerprints are likely to be back again. For example, the case of the relatives who lost Kusno fingerprint suddenly (idiosyncracy) and diagnosed because liquid soft lens. Regardless of the validity of such a diagnosis, the fingerprints had disappeared back again, going on regeneration.

Then, how about the loss of fingerprints due to genetic disorders? For this one it seems permanent. Abnormalities of the loss of fingerprints from birth called dermatopathia pigmentosa reticularis (HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES) and the Naegeli syndrome. Based on the research results, the cause is the absence of keratin 14 that make up fingerprints. This disorder is only passed down to daughters.

Dr. Gustaaf Kusno explained that other impacts arising from the absence of keratin 14 is a sufferer of this very fine-haired abnormalities and brittle, jagged nails (ridged nails), and thickening on the palms and soles of the feet. Even can also cause not functioning sweat glands. As a result, sufferers are susceptible to heat shock (heat stroke). Never mind the strenuous activity and sports, any light activity could lead to the addition of heat that could threaten the safety of the sufferer.

In addition to the two above, apparently the cause of chemotherapy can also takes away a person's fingerprint. As happened in Singapore who lost citizens fingerprinted after getting treatment of capecitabine for three years. Symptoms of hers is the skin of the palms of the hands and feet to swell, exfoliates (peels), and feels sick. Until finally the fingerprint pattern is lost. Similarly happens in New York, which afflict women of 65 years. Women undergoing breast cancer treatment was denied the services of the bank because it has no fingerprints.

Taukah you that turned out to be adults who have dry skin soles will be four times more difficult is verified through the computerized scanner fingerprinted compared with not? Not only is dry, the hands that never experienced dermatitis or eczema are also difficult detected scan tool. A new study in Malaysia have proved, chapped skin or swelling may damage or crack the uniqueness of patterns that are found in the individual fingerprint. The pattern of cracks or the uniqueness of fingerprints can also be damaged by inflammation of the skin caused by an allergic reaction [5].

Therefore, yuk keep fingerprints!



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