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Indonesia before the proclamation of independence was a collection of kingdoms. According to various history books taught in schools today, the ancestors of this nation were colonized for 350 years by the Dutch. One factor that makes the colonial period prolonged is the lack of advanced defense technology in the kingdoms of the archipelago. Many objections have arisen related to the uncertain length of occupation. However, the rebuttal narratives related to defense technology are… Read More »Defense Technology of Kingdoms in the Indonesian Archipelago: Breaking the Wrong Primitive Images

How to write a research paper?

“How to write a research paper?” I began to think about this question broadly and deeply when I got to know the campus world. Although since high school he has known it in the form of Scientific Writing. When on campus, of course we often deal with this one task. The task of writing which in the end becomes our initial provision in completing the final project to contribute to the development of… Read More »How to write a research paper?

Building and Choosing Communities Based on “Science”

The second edition of reading Sean Young PhD’s book on how to change our habits and others is with COMMUNITIES . Discussed earlier in the first edition of changing habits, the way is with  STUDY , I discuss about making stages along with his research . Not much different this time I will also describe some research findings about this community. Why community? A tragedy occurred in 1978 in Jonestown Guyana. Jonestown is a new city where a particular sect… Read More »Building and Choosing Communities Based on “Science”

This is Scientific Reason Why You Fails Your Annual Resolution

In 2010 especially during the new year, inA�my facebookA�timelineA�many people have installed the resolution early in the year.A�I think this kind of thing is just around my friendship, it turns out after reading the book by Young, I became aware that it seems in the United States also apply the same.A�People make resolutions at the beginning of the year. Also read:A�A�How LIPI Greet 2018 and Science Suggestions for Your Resolutions… Read More »This is Scientific Reason Why You Fails Your Annual Resolution

Lean into the wall Collapsed: the reality of Governance of forests of Riau

Ko ateh no bepucuk (upward is not berpucuk) Ko under no beurek (down no veined/root)-Tongah tongah dilaik beetle (Middle dikorek beetle) Ko lauik tak dapek drink (sea nobody can drink) Ko dapek not eat daek (inland could not eat) foul (Betolu rotten spawn) Boanak dead (dead child) (Petatah petitih tribe of Sakai, Bengkalis Regency, Riau Province) Piece of petatah petitih from the tribe of Sakai above gives a very deep… Read More »Lean into the wall Collapsed: the reality of Governance of forests of Riau