Christopher Farrel, High School Indonesian Student that Do Research in Data Compression and Invited by Google

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Christopher Farrel Millenio Kusuma, 8th State High School student was once confused when his internet quota is going to run out but “dying” wants to download a game . “The thought of how to reduce data size to be able to download one game only,” said this bespectacled adolescent when found at SMAN 8 Yogyakarta, Friday (24/11). Thanks to the experience quota thin, the students are usually called Farrel can play to Google headquarters in Mountain View, United States. His research entitled “Data Compression using EG and Neural Network Algorithm for Lossless Data” made the IT giant curious. 

The arrival of the couple’s son Monovan Sakti Jaya Kusuma and Hening Budi Prabawati to “Uncle Sam’s Country” is not for a vacation, but instead fulfills the invitation of one of the world class company, Google. Google’s invited experience becomes a historic event in life and can never be forgotten teenager whose full name is Christopher Farrel Millenio Kusuma.


Christopher Farrel at Google Office with the flag of Indonesia. Source:

The idea of ​​research that led to Google started from trivial. Farrel wants to download a  game . However, the data quota is limited. At that time, Farrel was still in high school. “Initially it wanted to download the game , but the quota is limited, but I really want to play the  game  . Then the thought, how to minimize the  game  , let me play, “he said while laughing. From his desire to play the  game  , Christopher Farrel Millenio then began to search the internet how to minimize the data. From the search, this 17-year-old teenagers find  data compression or  data compression. “I am looking for fun then research and it turns out, data compression has not been so developed, yes then came the idea to research because the impact is wide as well, “he said. “From there tau whose name is Zip and Rar. How do I create one? Kan it the 90s all, there is no progress? “He said.

Zip and Rar are compressed files that allow multiple files to be collected into one with a smaller size. Zip and Rar can simplify splitting your files in one package. The file will also be more easily moved due to its reduced or compressed size. Zip and Rar file formats are often used by people to make the size of a file smaller.

After about one and a half years, the teenager born in Yogyakarta, January 1, 2000, successfully created a research entitled “Data Compression Using EG and Neural Network Algorithm for Lossless Data”. The results of his research was then submitted to the arena of competition in Indonesia both regionally and nationally. Because, according to him, there is no Indonesian people who examine specifically about  data compression,but the positive impact is so great. However, his efforts did not work. Filed since 2016, Farrel’s research proposal has always been rejected. “Yes, if counted to 11 times is not accepted,” he said.

The rejection did not discourage Farrell. Precisely it even makes the spirit of adolescent with glasses burning. He continues to refine his research both from the theory to the writing. Therefore, this Yogyakarta-born teenager believes one day his research will be accepted. “(I) do not blame the committee, but myself and evaluate. Maybe my way of delivering it is less precise so they are difficult to understand, so it continues to be refined to the point of making eight versions, “he said. “Thomas Alva Edison 1000 times failed,   my new mosok11 times continue to give up. To be Alva Edison I need 989 times to try, I count and hold for a long time, still long, “he explained.

Until one day, Farrel saw an announcement from Google in the online  media  about the research contest Nor did he want to miss the opportunity by submitting a proposal to the technology giant. “His name  submit reset , I have resigned and baseball thought accept. Uh, it turns out after a week there is an   incoming e-mail , telling me I escaped, “said Farrel.

After his proposal was passed, Farrel still had to undergo an interview to ensure his research was genuine. In the interview, Farrel was asked about the rationale, theory, until the impact of his research. “When passed the interview, one I think, the money, because there is no cost of accommodation. Then I only have two weeks to take care of the letters, including finding accommodation money. But it turns out God gave way, can sponsor and take care of visa can be fast, until finally leave, “he said.

On February 15-20, 2017, Farrel was in the Google Mountain View office, California, USA. While in Google’s office, Farrel presented his research in front of all participants from a number of countries who escaped. “I am the only one from Indonesia, and during that there are presentations, discussions,  sharing  with people from other countries who qualify. We each accompanied a mentor from Google, “he explained. Farrel said he was happy to be in Google’s office. Farrel was amazed by the systems and technologies that were implemented in Google’s office. “It’s so nice, so his office is such a complex, clean and incredible technology, there are smart cars, electric cars, and bicycles. The internet is also very fast, “he said


Farrel successfully compresses 50% to 90% of its original size

In a test run at the time invited on the Black and White event, Farrel managed to compress photo files that size 257 KB to 131 KB and text file size of 1000 KB to 16 KB only. This invention is called Reverse Genetic Algoritm which extension. But unfortunately Farrel research results can not be enjoyed by the general public because it is still a code or source code and has not been an application that can be directly used.

How, is the friend of Warstek unmotivated? Let’s work to be like Farrel!


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