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Corrosion in Geothermal Systems

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By Abdallah Nur Siddiq-corrosion is the definition of material damage by chemical or electrochemical action of the surrounding environment. Effect of corrosion on the metal surface of the geothermal fluid depending on the chemical composition of the fluid and metal materials. Geothermal fluid has a wide range of composition, of the fluid with high acidity levels that contain sulfur and halogen acids are actively mengkorosi many alloys up to high basicity with water that contains calcium and metals other alkali which causes the occurrence of scaling. Direct losses due to corrosion in the form of lost material of construction, safety and environmental pollution due to corrosion products in the form of compounds that pollute the environment. While the indirect losses, among others in the form of a decrease in capacity and an increase in the cost of care (preventive maintenance).

The rate of corrosion is speed metal breaks down in certain environments, the rate of corrosion has units mm/year or mpy (mils per year). The rate of corrosion depends on the environmental conditions and the condition of the metal that is exposed to the environment.

In calculating the rate of corrosion, the information that should be collected is as follows:

-Heavy metal is missing

-Mass type of metal

-Cross-sectional area



Pipe surface corrosion on the inside

Formula to calculate the rate of corrosion is as follows:

RC = 87.6 x (W/DAT)

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