Dye Sensitized Solar Cell and its discoverer (m. Gratzel)

Have ever been thought of yet when Indonesia layout where the equator is a grace and a gift from God which is priceless?

Yes, Indonesia is very lucky to pass the line of the equator, it means Indonesia traversed by the Sun in each day, although sometimes clouded so long rainy season.  The territory of Indonesia will always in sunlight for 10 up to 12 hours in a day (Djoko Adi Widodo, 2009).  According to Ditjen jadul, electricity and energy development in 1997, the installed capacity of solar power in Indonesia reached 0.88 MW from the available potential of 1.2 x 10 ^ 9 MW (1.2 billion MW), how many percent are ya? 0.000000073% new optimized in 97.

At the time of the author's employment practices in Pertamina Geothermal Energy Unit IV, Kamojang power resulting from the power plant unit IV is 60 MW. Kasarannya, mean Indonesia's geothermal potential equivalent to 20 million units IV PGE Kamojang. Loads right, there are 20 million plant.

Practicum PGE Kamojang Unit IV

While the capacity of solar cells? Indonesia's average, 4.5 kWh per square meter (Djoko Adi Widodo, 2009). So to generate 60 MW needed 115×115 sq m, twice the ball field! It's the new potential se Indonesia, how about the world's potential?

Potential Sunshine World Se

Potential Sunshine Se world (paper/journal is available in the attachment)

Kan UDA know how great the potential of sunlight, which is free, and God willing there is continuous?

Now how to memanfaatnya how to? How to make use of them is by using Solar cells.

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