EQ-RADIO: Technology That Able to Read Human Emotions

A professor from MIT (Professor Dina Katabi) has created a tool that has high accuracy in reading the emotions of […]

A professor from MIT (Professor Dina Katabi) has created a tool that has high accuracy in reading the emotions of a person. The tool is named EQ-Radio.

Emotions are closely related to one’s mood as sad, happy, angry and so on. Most people know someone’s emotions through facial face, but sometimes is not necessarily a happy-faced people have a happy heart susana also.

Source: eqradio

EQ-Radio is a new technology that is able to read human emotions by utilizing wireless signals (wireless[1]). The technology was invented by Professor Dina Katabi is one professor who comes from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The working principle of this tool is to translate the heart rate and respiratory cycle man. This tool will emit wireless signals to the human body and the human body will reflect the signal again. The data obtained in the form of the heartbeat and the cycle of human breath. The working principle of the tool can be seen in the following video:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmcDnEhZTJM[/embedyt]

EQ-Radio has high accuracy. According to the research team’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) the accuracy of the tool reached 87[2]%. This research involves 12 Participants 6 women and 6 of them were men. participants in the monitor with EQ-Radio, ECG (heart rate counter tool) and camera focus on the faces of participants.

Data can be of EQ-Radio (source: http://eqradio.csail.mit.edu)

The above data shows the correlation of valence and arousal (Valence and arousal). Valence is located on the axis (x) and passion on the axis (y). Each emotion is represented by the 4 quadrants on a graph: Sad (negative x axis and Y axis negative), angry (Negative x axis Y axis positive), Happy (X axis, Y axis positive negative) and Glee (the X and Y Axes is positive). Discussion of more details can be seen in the paper eqradio.

The discovery of Radio EQ in course to contribute a huge reader technology especially in human emotions. When these technologies continue to be developed is not impossible this technology used to detect early stress and collect data on audience response to a film at the cinema so that it can be used as an evaluation tool in filmmaking.


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