Free Messenger (New Apps), applications of the derivative of a Telegram made Children of the nation

This article was compiled by the method of Interview against the Speaker (Sunali Agus)

Sunali Agus, The Makers Of The Free Messenger Application

Free Messenger (FM) is an application made by a young man who is an alumni of the Faculty of science and technology, Airlangga University named Sunali Agus. FM application is message sending applications available for Android. FM uses your Internet connection (4 g/3 g/2 g/EDGE or Wi-Fi where available). This application can be used to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, documents, and voice mail. FM can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store.


What is FM?

According to Sunali Agus Messengger Free application is an application that tries to combine between WhatsApp and Telegram. created by the collaboration of three parties namely party developer (maker of its own in this case Tim Sunali Agus), telegram and third-party party (liaison between developers and the telegram).

So, this partnership seeks to benefit third parties, namely a. Developer: can access and use the basic features of the Telegram (so, when friends who've had a Telegram, definitely there will be notification (notification).

b. Parties: got a data Telegram every entry into application "FM", so the language as easy as Instagram and Facebook. So the data is influent to the IG, would automatically also signed into FB.

c. Third party: can put ads in the application developer. So, if you see ads in the application "FM", don't be surprised Yes. Just take for granted. God willing, remain secure for its communication.

If that's already got the Telegram, no need to worry when logging in the application "FM" will be no notification. Because FM still uses FIRE and FAQ from the Telegrams (through collaboration). And such telegram, then want to delete your account remains secure because it has been replaced by the application of "Free Messenger (New Aps)".

Why Is FM?

• Free of charge: FM are free and will always be free. FM using an Internet connection phone (4 g/3 g/2 g/EDGE or Wi-Fi, if available) to enable you to send messages and call friends and family, so you don't have to pay for all messages or calls.

• Instant message pure: simple, fast, secure, and sync all your devices.

• Free call: phone friends and family for free with FM calls, even if they are in other countries. * FM calls using your phone's internet connection.

• No cost international: there is no additional charge for sending a message of international FM. Chat with your friends around the world and avoid the cost of an international SMS.

• Chat group: enjoy group conversations with Your contacts, so you can easily establish the communication with friends and family.

• Fast: FM is one of the fastest existing messaging applications on the market, connects people through a network of data centers is unique and unique in the whole world.

• Synced: you can access your messages from all devices at once. Start to type in your phone and complete the messages from Your laptop or tablet. Never lose your data again.

• Multimedia: send and receive photos, videos, documents, and fill Your voice mail.

• Unlimited: you can send media and files, without limit type and size. The entire chat history you don't need the disk space on your device, and will be stored securely in a cloud of FM as long as you need it.

• Do not need username and pin (password): Why bother remembering your username or PIN? FM works just like SMS by using your phone number and integrates directly with the address book on your phone.

• No need to log in/log out: with FM, you're always connected because you don't have to worry about losing new messages. No longer need to confused to log in or log out of your device.

• Immediately connected with your contacts phone address book: you can quickly and easily connect to your existing contacts using FM, so you don't need to add username that is difficult to monitor.

• Safe: We make it our mission to provide the best security combined with ease of use. Everything in FM, including chat, groups, media, and others are encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption combination of symmetrical encryption, RSA 2048 bits, and a secret key exchange Diffie-Hellman.

• Powerful: you can create a chat group for a maximum of 50,000 members, share great videos, documents of any type (. Doc,. MP3,. Zip, etc.), and even make a bot for a specific task. This is the perfect tool for hosting online communities and coordinate the work of the team.

• Reliable: built to convey your message probably is minimal. An FM system is the most reliable messaging ever made. It works even in the weakest mobile connection.

• Fun: FM has photo editing tool and a great video and a sticker/GIF that is open to meet all the needs of your expressive.

• Simple: while providing a feature set that has never been there before, we were very careful so that the interface is clean. With its minimalist design, it FM slim and easy to use.

• Personal: we take seriously your privacy and will never give access to third parties to your data. For those who are interested in MAXIMUM PRIVACY, it FM offers a confidential Chat. Secret Chats using encryption end-to-end to ensure that the message can be read only by the intended recipient.

• Offline messaging: even if you lose your new messages or turn off your phone, it FM will store the messages and send them the next time you use the application again.

• And many more: install your location, Exchange contacts, set wallpaper and a special tone, email chat history, broadcast a message to multiple contacts at once, and much more!

Apart from it all, this is the most important is the result of the creativity of the nation, Indonesia itself.


Quite satisfactory, it turns out that the application of "Free Messenger (New Apps)" is not only used and installed by the people of Indonesia. Community but also from abroad. Since this application was published on January 22, 2018, and statistics based on data from Google Playstore obtained FM users (New Apps) has reached 81 users. The following details pertanggal 11 February 2018:

In addition, based on data from a third-party application penginstall already reached 275 users. Because in addition to the application can be installed directly through google playstore, applications can be installed via a manual in the form of apk. It is based, because when installing the application on google playstore sometimes need a large enough memory that is not in accordance with the application. Therefore, the developer provides a solution can download the application via the google drive and then installed it manually. The following data.


Based on information from the developer of the application "FM (New Apps)", God willing, Sunali Agus will continue to develop the application by adding a number of new features that are useful to the user. "Hopefully with this, was able to show that the nation of Indonesia, not only are users or consumerist. However, can create and produce their own, and can be used by many people around the world. " That is, the closing message from Sunali Agus about developing applications.

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